Lungi Us Reviews {April} Check Whether Is It Legit?

Lungi Us Online Website Reviews

This article aims to assist you in making an informed decision about Lungi Us based on Lungi Us Reviews and other details. 

Are you looking for new online platforms to buy trendy t-shirts? Then you may want to read through the information compiled just for you. People worldwide, especially in the United Stateshave accepted that t-shirts are a versatile and must-have clothing appraisal. 

Hence it is no doubt as to why suddenly, most of us are looking at the Lungi Us website. Therefore, we bring you all the details about this new platform via this Lungi Us Reviews. So, let’s begin.

What is Lungi Us?

Before we start to get into the details that would help us understand if this website is legit, we should understand what this website is about. It isn’t easy to find out about the website as it is a recently launched platform.

According to what’s on the website, it is a platform that specializes in t-shirts and customized t-shirts. According to claims of the website, it only approves the best t-shirt designs. However, looking at the website’s content, one is left to ask Is Lungi Us Legit?

Specifications about the website 

  • The official link for the website is
  • Lungi Us sells custom t-shirts and t-shirts.  
  • The domain was created by the company on 19 April 2022. 
  • The website provides a contact number and email address for customers, which are +1 908-532-3187‬ and, respectively. 
  • There seems to be no newsletter facility for customers on the website. 
  • Lungi Us website has the company address 343 Cranbury Half Acre Road, New Jersey 08512, United States
  • The website mentions a refund policy, but in Lungi Us Reviews article we cannot specify the days it will take to refund. 
  • The company has a 30 days return policy. 
  • The company offers free shipping to people in the USA.
  • Social media connections are not available on the website. 
  • The payment method mentioned is PayPal. 

Benefits of the website 

  • The website claims to have a wide variety of products. 

Drawbacks of the website 

  • The website is recently launched. 
  • Has only one product visible on its website.
  • The social media presence is lacking. 
  • Lack of customer review. 
  • User interface is questionable.

Is Lungi Us Legit?

Even though online platforms have made shopping more accessible, it has also brought plenty of opportunities for people to get duped. Hence it is an intelligent choice to ask questions about the legitimacy of any site before associating with it. Therefore we bring some points you should consider before going forward with this new website.

  1. The domain was launched on 19 April 2022. Hence it is just 5 days old. 
  2. The domain seems to be expiring on 19 April 2023. 
  3. The website has no customer reviews. It lacks reviews on online searches too. 
  4. Lungi Us Reviews website lacks social media presence and icons.
  5. The trust score of the website is just 1% implying very poor. 
  6. The index score of the website is 26.6 out of 100, with tags such as suspicious and unsafe attached to it. 
  7. The website’s content is plagiarised and seems to be of low quality. 
  8. The information regarding the owner of the website is lacking.  
  9. The company address is also not reliable. 
  10. The policies of the company are not clearly stated. 

Reviews By Customers

While we were compiling the information searched for Lungi Us Reviews for the readers to gain a more idea about the website. However, the website, as well as online search, came up with no results. 

The lack of customer reviews could be because the company recently launched the website. It’s just been merely 5 days since the platform started. Learn about how you can avoid being a victim of PayPal scams by reading.

Thoughts in the end 

Hence after going through the objective facts about the website, it’s time we answer if the website is legit. It is difficult to say with Lungi Us Reviews if the platform is legit or not at the current moment because it is a new domain. As of now, the platform seems dubious and suspicious. Hence we recommend readers wait for the time being for more reviews and customer experiences.

If you want to discover ways to get out of a Credit card scam, click here. Were you looking to shop from Lungi Us website? After reading this article in the comment section below, let us know your thoughts and feelings.

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