Lullbaby Reviews (March 2022) Is This Legit Or Fake?

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By Marifilmines Team

This article contains fair Lullbaby Reviews about the website that offers men’s bottom wear.

Do you want to learn about the Lullbaby store? If yes, then you are most welcome in this blog post.

These days fashion industry is reaching other heights since this generation is all about following and setting up the trends. Due to this reason the fashion stores are getting much popularity on the internet.

So, today we will expose one of the recently established online portals that offer men’s clothing. The website is currently targeting the United States market and has many expansion plans in the future. Let’s get into these Lullbaby Reviews to learn more about the website.

What is Lullbaby?

Lullbaby is an online fashion store that offers men’s clothing at reasonable prices. The website currently deals in men’s bottoms such as cargo pants, loose pants, military pants, Gym pants, trousers etc.

Furthermore, the website sells all the bottom wears under $108, and the shipping cost is also free for the United States shoppers. Besides that, customers can check under each product’s description regarding the quantity sold in lest hours.

In contrast, the website was recently launched, and it also holds limited products option, which creates suspiciousness in our heads. Therefore, customers are requested to find out Is Lullbaby Legit or a scam before entering the card details on the portal.

Terms and conditions of Lullbaby

  • Official website link-
  • Offerings- Men’s fashion
  • Email address-
  • Telephone number- Not specified
  • Physical address- 3760 Kilroy Airport Way, Long Beach, CA 90806, USA
  • Transportation fee- Free delivery for the US
  • Payment method- MasterCard, VISA, PayPal
  • Newsletter- Not mentioned
  • Shipping period- Within 3-10 working days
  • Social media links- Not published
  • Domain name creation date-22/01/2022
  • Return and exchange- Within 14 calendar days
  • Refund policy- within certain days (specified on the portal)

Customers should carefully read the Lullbaby Reviews before taking any decision to avoid complications in the future.

What are the benefits of buying from Lullbaby?

  • Shoppers should not need to worry about their data since the site has HTTPS locked URL.
  • The product’s prices are reasonable.
  • The company location and support service email address are provided.

What are the drawbacks of buying from Lullbaby?

  • No customer has posted about their experience on the webpage.
  • No social media links are available on the website.
  • The contact number is omitted from the website.
  • Limited items are available on the portal.

Is Lullbaby Legit?

Under this section, you will get all the legit facts related to the website since there are many scam portals available on the internet in this era. Thus, customers should not trust any random portal without thoroughly investigating its actual intentions.

Therefore, the experts have mentioned some technical parameters that will help you learn about the site’s actual motives. Kindly read below to find out:

  • Website domain establishment date- The website’s domain was created at the beginning of this year on 22/01/2022.
  • Social media icons- No social media presence is available for the Lullbaby store.
  • Customer feedback- No Lullbaby Reviews are published on the Trustpilot neither any customer remarks are available on the website.
  • Trust rank- The trust index rank is meager since it has received 28.1%.
  • Copied content- The website content seems somewhat plagiarized.
  • Trust score- The site has earned a poor trust score that is 2% only.
  • Address originality- The declared zip code and the area is derivative.
  • Domain termination date- The site’s domain will expire after 22/01/2023.
  • Contact Number- The contact number is not mentioned on the website.

What are the shoppers’ Lullbaby Reviews?

According to the latest research and analysis, the customer ratings and reviews are missing from the website and many other online sources. Hence, people are suggested to wait for some time since the website is recently established.

If you are worried about your payment and need it back via PayPal? Then read here.


Since there is no legit proof available, it can declare the site’s authenticity. Indeed, the website claims to offer men’s trousers and pants at affordable prices, but the website’s domain name was created a few weeks ago. Thus, in these Lullbaby Reviews, experts suggested avoiding placing your order on the site for now.

Therefore, the prospective buyers should wait and investigate more before taking any final call. If someone has already initiated the payment using a credit card, read here for further information and details.

What are your opinions about the website and its products? Kindly post your thoughts below in these reviews.

6 thoughts on “Lullbaby Reviews (March 2022) Is This Legit Or Fake?”

  1. For 4 years I work as a skip tracer for an attorney’s office so the fact that she left some contact info was all that I needed to find out what I needed to know. The address that she left if you follow the road on Google maps to the front of the building they are rental office spaces she’s not put a specific office that she was renting out therefore this is a scam!

  2. I appreciate the info, however the product that I was interested in purchasing, was NOT men’s bottom wear, in fact it had absolutely nothing to do with bottom wear or clothing! The item I was interested in purchasing was an electric bike, (nako) brand which comes with an electric motor, battery, battery charger,tool kit, manual all for $79.99. I realize that if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. But I hear of people coming across these kinds of sales online and they end up being legitimate purchases, I was hoping I would be this lucky but now that I read what the website claims to offer, (make bottom wear) I have lost all faith in this site and I will do more research, but for now sounds like a scam! I will no longer initiate a purchase until further investigation is done! Thank you so much marifilmines for taking the time to post this info for us suckers, I mean potential suckers.😁

  3. I ordered a coffeemaker from their sister sight “Amezeo”same address.I was busy saw it,ordered it.Buyers remorse?Yes,I will give them 10 days to get me my coffee pot,if not?Refund and tell everyone on the internet what happened!On the other hand if in fact I get what I paid for?Same thing will let you know!
    Also while I’m here has anyone ordered from Meywe”adds all over Mochamaster sight for different coffeemakers same price.Their sight WONT let you order!Says free shipping to ALL US addresses?Wyoming,Arizona,Texas and Florida they won’t take any of the addresses I put in!Family lives all over,so I tried!


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