Lularich Reviews (September 2021) What You Should Know?

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The post talks about Lularich Reviews and elaborates on what the docuseries are about.

Do you like watching docuseries? Does it pique your curiosity? Amazon Prime is one of the platforms which releases docuseries that speaks about many real-life stories and other aspects with no filter. The latest that is trending on the internet across the United States is the LuLaRich series.

It garnered quite a lot of attention from viewers globally. However, if you are curious about knowing what the show is about, this article will surely prove helpful. Thus, read till the end about Lularich Reviews and what it is about. Read the entire article to gain complete information.

What is LuLaRich?

LuLaRich is a docuseries that is recently launched on Amazon Prime Video. It primarily speaks extensively about the misdeeds carried out by the clothing company or the pyramid scheme called the LuLaRoe. The docuseries are divided into four parts.

Julia Willoughby Nason and Jenner Furst directed the docuseries. It greatly speaks about the quality issues and meltdown of the supply chain. Thus, in this article, we decided to conduct an in-depth analysis and present the Lularich Reviews.

More Information about LuLaRich

LuLaRich received over 1,699 ratings globally. Besides, it received an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Moreover, from 100% of reviews, only 9% were one-star, and the remaining 88% were five stars.

Reviews do offer a clear picture of what do customers think about the docuseries. It would thus render a deeper insight and assist you in making proper decisions. Therefore, we decided to do complete research and know what customers have to say about the docuseries.

What Do Users Have To Say – Lularich Reviews

On conducting deep research, we came across a review by Roberta Blevins, a former retailer of LuLaRoe. She was also featured in the docuseries of LuLaRich. Herein, she was the one who coined the phrase dead fart leggings. 

Besides, she also read the same on her TikTok and Instagram account from among the many one-star reviews that the show garnered. Coming back to 2020, she further added that even 50% of the company made even lesser than $5,000 in 2020.

The Story Behind Making LuLaRich

As per sources, Nason and Furst were approached by Blye Pagon Faust and Cori Shepherd Stern for the project Lularich Reviews. The docuseries highlights how LuLaRoe deteriorated from its profit of $1.8 million in 2016 when it had over 80,000 consultants. Besides, as per sources, the company sold putrid clothes to retailers who ruined the company’s marketing structure.

Final Conclusion

The docuseries is divided into four parts and is available on the Amazon Prime Video platform across the United States. It renders the audience a sneak peek into the company’s condition and its journey from reaching great heights to the downfall.

However, it has to be noted that we do not hold any authority over information and have gathered it from sources on the internet about Lularich Reviews. Read more here

What is your opinion about the docuseries? Do share with us your reviews and feedback in the comments box below.

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