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Lowmat Dust Watch Review (Oct) Is The Product Legit?

Lowmat Dust Watch Online Website Review

Please read this composition to be apprised with the Lowmat Dust Watch Review, related to an analog wristwatch that the owners are offering free of cost.

Do you love purchasing different types of wristwatches? Do you have a collection of watches to match your personality? Have you come across a website called Outerwatches that offers many designs of wristwatches? Then, please read this article to find out more about one of its products.

In today’s report, we have discussed the Lowmat Dust Watch Review, which shoppers worldwide, including the United States and India, are eager to determine. Please read this article to know in detail about this wristwatch. 

What is Lowmat Dust Watch?

Lowmat Dust Watch is one of the wristwatches of the Outcarb collection under their OTR series, offering reasonable and fashionable watches. This product is black and has an elegant and sophisticated band. Its analog dial makes it look simple and stylish. At present, the brand owners are providing this wristwatch for free on their e-commerce portal. 


Please find below the characteristics of this product to have an idea about the Lowmat Dust Watch Review.

  • Price of Product – Originally $150, but now it is free as per the latest offer.
  • Shape of Case – Round
  • Size and Thickness of Case – 40 mm and 8 mm, respectively.
  • Case Material – Stainless steel
  • Case Color – Brushed black
  • Movement Type – Battery powered 
  • Type of Glass – Hardened
  • Dial Color – Black
  • Dial Interior – Two black hands and white scales
  • Waterproof Rating – IP64
  • Strap Material – Stainless steel mesh
  • Strap Color – Black
  • Exchangeable Strap – Yes


  • The product’s black shade will suit all outfits, which is a positive Lowmat Dust Watch Review.
  • The dial is simple and convenient to determine the time quickly, as it is not crowded with too many hands or sub-dials. 


  • All users may not be comfortable with the analog system, as most people in today’s generation prefer digital dials. 
  • The water resistance rating of this product suggests that the watch is not protected from the high-pressure water jets. Thus, this product may malfunction during heavy rainfall.

Is Lowmat Dust Watch Legit?

Please find some particulars about this product’s brand, which will help you know whether it is authentic or not and expand your knowledge regarding the Lowmat Dust Watch Review.

  • Brand Name – Outcarb
  • Brand Age – The brand’s website is six months old, as the developers created it on 5 April 2021.
  • Brand Trust Score – 5%, which is categorized as a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Brand Ranking in Alexa – 963,306, which is a moderate rank.
  • Customer Reviews – There are mixed reviews about the watches of this brand on various forums on the Net. 
  • Owner Contact Details – The physical address on the portal corresponds to an accounting company in Singapore, which provides taxation and auditing services, and is not related to an e-commerce store selling watches. Regarding the Lowmat Dust Watch Review, this is an essential fact. Moreover, there is no contact number on the portal, and the customers can contact the owners only via mail as their address is dubious. 
  • Social Media Presence – The social media icons present along with the product descriptions open the user login pages to share the product link. However, we found this brand’s profiles on Facebook and Twitter, but these are not linked to its official portal. 

The above pieces of information suggest that this brand is dubious. However, we cannot declare its legality as it is a new brand. 

Lowmat Dust Watch Review

We did not find any customer reviews about the subject product on the Web. However, there are genuine reviews about other products of this brand, which mostly raise the question of the brand’s authenticity. The customers have mentioned on Quora that this brand generally provides the watches for free but charges a heavy shipping cost to compensate for the offer. Also, according to one Outcarb watch review on Reddit, the user has complained about the product’s quality and stated that the watch started deteriorating only after a few days of usage. 


According to our researched information concerning the Lowmat Dust Watch Review, the subject product and its brand seem suspicious. Thus, we request you to read its reviews thoroughly before purchasing it. Also, please know How To Check If The Product Is Genuine Or Not to avoid forgery. 

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