Loveshopbox Reviews (March 2022) Is The Website Legit?

The website’s write-up below gives us the complete details about Loveshopbox Reviews and guides us on whether to invest money in the website or ignore it.

The Lightsaber, also known as the light sword, is used by the Jedi, the Sith and other force-sensitives. They consist of plasma blades emitted from a metal hilt and shut off at will. Lightsabers are used both for offence and defence.

The lightsabers came to light from the film star wars, and since then, people have been talking about it. We will talk about a website today that sells lightsabers, and the citizens of the United States are tremendously excited about the launch. We will also look at the Loveshopbox Reviews received by the customers in the upcoming sections.

About Loveshopbox

Loveshopbox deals in Lightsaber at a reasonable price and is such an old weapon that requires skill and training. Many different kinds of lightsabers are sold on the website, such as guard lightsaber, arbiter lightsaber, aitne Lightsaber and many more varieties. So the price is not very affordable but not very high too. So people interested can buy this equipment easily.

Basic features of the website

  • Website time of life- The web site’s age is 21/02/2021, it has crossed a year.
  • Address of the website-
  • Social platform links- No social media channels are not available on the portal, so we cannot say Is Loveshopbox Legit.
  • Category- Lightsaber of different kinds.
  • Email- Customers can contact at
  • Address- No. 398, Jinfu Road, Tongcheng Street, Fuding. Ningde. Fujian 355200
  • Return Policy- The company offers a 30 days return policy of the purchase.
  • Refund Policy- Within 30 days of the return.
  • Procedures of payment- The organization receives payment via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and other credit card options.
  • Transport and Distribution Policy- It is 1-3 days business days.

Pros of the portal

  • This web page deals in Lightsaber, an old weapon used by the force-sensitives.
  • The company trades in single-bladed as well as double-bladed lightsabers.

Cons established on Loveshopbox Reviews 

  • The website contains extremely bad trust score that demonstrations that this online portal does not sell authentic products. 
  • The contact number provided on the website does not seem to be genuine.
  • The deals are attractive, but the low trust on the website keeps people away from it.
  • The website does not sell authentic lightsabers.

Is Loveshopbox a legitimate e-commerce website?

The website deals in various kinds of Lightsaber, which has attracted people worldwide and the United States. The ones interested in buying these lightsabers have kept their eyes on the Loveshopbox Reviews so that they can get full details about the legitimacy of the product.

  • Age of the Portal- The web site’s domain age is 21/02/2021, and it is almost a year old.
  • Trust index mark- The present trust index score is 12%.
  • Reviews- No reviews are present about the online website.
  • Alexa Rank- The Alexa rank of the website is 3612147.
  • Plagiarised content- Unavailable
  • Address originality- Official address is No. 398, Jinfu Road, Tongcheng Street, Fuding. Ningde. Fujian 355200
  • Unrealistic discounts-No unrealistic discounts are mentioned on the website.
  • Social media links- Facebook and Instagram links are not present, so the links cannot answer Is Loveshopbox Legit.
  • Owner’s information- The About Us page does not mention owners’ details

Consumer Reviews

Afterward the fundamental research of the company’s site, all can notice that there is no online reviews provided on the web page. People are highly disappointed with the lack of reviews, and they are very keen to know the true aspect of the portal. The website has tried its best to provide attractive deals for the customers to purchase the products, but the customers are looking for reviews that they cannot find.

Our experts have also examined the social platforms for the Loveshopbox Reviews, but we cannot find anything on the portal. The portal has been criticised by numerous important companies and received an extremely poor trust index score

People can read here about Lightsaber and know about the background. We also advise our purchasers recite How To receive A Refund If Paid Via Bank Transfer.

Final Thought

We can accomplish that this equipment looks good only in some of the television series because it is very difficult to view the exact version of the Lightsaber. The unauthentic ones are sold everywhere, but the people do not require them. 

The full information about the Lightsaber is mentioned on Loveshopbox Reviews. We suggest that people recite How To avail a Refund if I send an eCheck Through PayPal. Comment below.

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