Lonydeal Reviews (Nov 2021) Is The Website Legit Or Not?

Lonydeal Online Website Reviews

What are Lonydeal Reviews? Is Lonydeal authentic? To find out these crucial facts, along with specifications, you need to read the below-mentioned article.

Are you planning to obtain new outfits in this festive season? Are you looking for trendy women western wear? Then Lonydeal website may grab your attention already.

With the surging popularity of e-commerce business visibility in the United States, several new web portals are being introduced on a daily basis. However, checking the Lonydeal Reviews is mandatory when it comes to using a new site like Lonydeal departmental store.   

So, how good is its service? How good is its product material? If you’re searching for this answer regarding Lonydeal, visiting this page can be advantageous for you.

What is Lonydeal Web?

Lonydeal is a women’s lifestyle store; following the given information, the site only sells online in the United States, so if someone wants to buy its products, they have only the option to buy the items via its online website. Coming to the site’s looks, it is impressive aesthetically and professionally crafted with eye-soothing color combinations. 

However, Is Lonydeal Legit? Well, the site is filled with quite a vast clothing collection that is differentiated into specific categories. But, the product’s description is not detectable; the items are only having size options, quantity, and price, so buyers can find it confusing to understand the material of the fabric. Moreover, some products are being showcased at rebate price rates.


  • Web Address: https://www.lonydeal.com
  • Official Email: info@lonydeal.com
  • Official Number: No number is present; however, a direct messaging option is given.
  • Location: The location is unknown as the authority didn’t mention the address.
  • Feedback: There are no Lonydeal Reviews present on the internet.
  • Cancellation Process: Not available.
  • Order Reaching Timing: The shipment may take approx 5 to 12 working days.
  • Order Delivery Costs: The shipping charge is fixed, and it costs around 19.99 USD.
  • Return Policy: 30 days active time frame is given to anyone, but before the buyer has to contact the authorities via email ID.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc. 
  • Replacement Facility: The facility will be active if the authority allows you and no proper time frame is given.
  • Refund Timing: The timing is between 3 to 8 working days. 
  • Is Lonydeal Legit: It’s still unknown.

Few pros of Lonydeal:

  • The site is dedicated to women’s fashion brands so anyone can view the latest, chic, fresh designer clothes.
  • Discount is available on some products.
  • Shipping cost is fixed irrespective of location.
  • HTTPS is detected.

Few cons of Lonydeal:

  • Too poor trust index.
  • Feedback from the users isn’t present.
  • Social-media activity isn’t recognized.
  • The site isn’t popular.
  • The pages are blocked, so some facts are still unclear, like plagiarism, skipped pages, common text, etc.
  • The location and official number aren’t observed on Lonydeal, which can lessen customer satisfaction.

The legitimacy of Lonydeal: 

Now, it’s time to check the authenticity; please read this ‘Lonydeal Reviews blog section to get a clear perception-

  • Lonydeal domain ID was made in the year 2021, October 27.
  • Until now, the domain didn’t accumulate a good trust index.
  • No address verification is performed due to not availability of the details.
  • The Payment process contains different options.
  • No plagiarism checking is performed due to blocked pages.
  • Skipped pages presence isn’t identified as those pages have been blocked by robots.txt.
  • Reviews aren’t detectable.
  • Social-media connection is fake.
  • The domain has a registrar Godaddy LLC and is recorded as lonydeal.com.
  • No clear information about the website owner is noticeable.

Hence, the portal looks suspicious, with poor credibility.

Lonydeal Reviews:

The web didn’t get the success of accumulating users’ live comments. So, readers won’t get an idea about the purchaser’s opinion about it. Plus, the Lonydeal contains social-media icons, and those are clickable also; however, unfortunately, those open a totally different webpage (Login page) that is a highly suspicious activity.

Few blogs have been written about its legitimacy, and those also don’t find its legitimacy. So, buyers, if you want to get the latest fresh 2021 designer clothes, several branded departmental stores are present online; try to visit those. Anyway, beware of any scams and know everything about Credit cards fraud.

Final verdict:

Is it legit? Well, no Lonydeal Reviews has created a little bit tough to judge its authenticity. However, checking the other red flags like poor trust index, eye-washing regarding its presence on social media, no address details, no number, etc., fails to prove its authenticity. So, visiting other platforms would be advantageous. Also, read the process to get money on PayPal scams. Is this above article helpful? Please share below.

4 thoughts on “Lonydeal Reviews (Nov 2021) Is The Website Legit Or Not?

  1. No confirmation email received after purchasing something, reached out to their support and my email bounced back “mailer daemon”, yet they responded to paypal to provide a tracking number to win the “dispute” I opened against them. Checked the tracking number with USPS, didn’t lead to my address (which is connected to the paypal account that paid for the item and supplied the shipping address). Disputed the closed case with paypal, showing that the tracking info they provided was wrong, I won and got my money back. Save yourself a headache, stay away, far away!!

    1. Hello Anthony B, Happy to hear you got your money back. It is good you reach for a refund, no other option. Individuals will find this information helpful and they will be safe from such scams. Experience reviews will guide other buyers and can be useful. So, if you find any updates, please drop the message. Be cautious. Take care.

  2. 100% scam! I never received my order and the customer service email couldn’t be reached when I tried to contact from my Gmail account… have reported to PayPal and trying to get my money back…ugh!!!

    1. Hello Caitlin Young, You did it right. Your payment company is the best option for a refund. Otherwise the buyers will lose money. Hope you get all your refund back. Please update the information. The buyers will be aware. Take care.

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