How to Avoid Vacuum Flat Tires on Your Long Range Electric Scooter

When you have been using a long range electric scooter for a while, you will know how a flat tire is inevitable, even in an all terrain scooter. A long range scooter comes with an abundance of benefits; maneuverability, agility, speed, power, and its eco-friendly nature. However, you can only avail those advantages when you invest in the best dual motor e scooter in the market.

One of the most reliable and popular electric scooters is the Varla Eagle One Dual Motor. It is a dual-motor electric scooter with exceptional range and reasonable pricing, making it Varla’s permanent bestseller. Eagle One is equipped with 98 units of high-density 18650 lithium-ion batteries, ultimately making it one of the best long range scooters on the market.

Regardless, a dual motor scooter may also have to deal with a flat tire. It is one of the most common repairs; a flat tire adult electric scooter is typical, especially if you travel on rough terrains regularly.  

How to Avoid Getting a Puncture or a Flat Tire?

Preventing an motorized scooter for adults flat is not difficult; however, it requires a few steps that you need to follow. Using sealant to protect your commuter scooter tire is one of the easiest ways to prevent a flat. However, many people don’t know how to perform it correctly. 

It doesn’t matter if you have tubeless tires or inner tube ones; installing tire sealant is one of the best methods ways to avoid a puncture. In case you have tubeless tires, you should buy tire sealant that is made for them; this is because, typically, the sealant is made for inner tube tires, as they are more often found in electric scooters.

Sealant Helps Prevent Flat Electric Scooter

The tire sealant is also known as tire slim; they are usually light-colored and inexpensive. They are a mixture of binders, synthetic fibers, and glue. 

When the wheels spin, the slim will cover the inside of the tire. And when a sharp object punctures the tire, the air pressure will let the slim come out of the tire and fill the punctured area completely. And the slim will go through the ” polymerization ” operation and seal the hole; this is because it contacts the air and fills the puncture hole entirely.

How to Fix an Electric Scooter Flat With Sealant

  • Get the sealant for your tires. And if you can get one with a valve stem remover, then it will be great; otherwise, you will have to get one yourself.
  • Use the tool given to you to remove the valve stem.
  • Connect the sealant and the provided hose
  • Use 4 ounces, 118 ML of sealant per tire.
  • Install your valve stem again
  • Inflate the tire again

More Pro Way to Prevent Flat Tires: Inspect Regularly

While a flat electric scooter isn’t life-threatening, it can lead to relatively dangerous circumstances. For instance, you are traveling on your long range scooter, and you are in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly the tire goes flat; a sharp pebble can puncture the tire as well.

It will cost you a lot of time and unnecessary repair money to get a flat tire fixed. If you are on a time crunch, and your tire suddenly bursts, you will likely feel frustrated and anxious because you have an appointment/meeting or simply because your time is precious.

To prevent such instances, you should look into how pros are handling their motor scooters without a problem. It is no secret that they care for their electric scooter and thoroughly inspect it on a regular basis. While there isn’t any specific timeline for it, it is recommended that you should perform an inspection once a month.

Inspect the Pressure

The most significant step during the inspection is that you should inspect the pressure of your tires. Inadequate tire pressure is the primary cause of an motor scooter flat. 

Think about a toothpaste tube; if the tube is half empty, it will be easier to crush the tube until it is inward and its contents are clashing with it each other, and if you apply enough force, it may burst. 

Similarly, when a tire doesn’t have adequate pressure and collides or faces a forceful impact, it bursts on the spot.

Use a gauge to check the pressure; it will decrease the amount of time and effort it will take from other tools. If you ride regularly, you should check for pressure every 15 days. Make sure to keep the PSI level between 40 and 60. If it falls beneath 40, then use a pump and increase the pressure.

Inspect the Condition

This is to inspect the outer condition of the tires; once you inspect the tire’s internal pressure, it is crucial that you focus on the external part as well. After all, the surface comes in direct contact with the roads.

It should be a common understanding that if your tire is worn out, you have to replace it. Or else it won’t be able to best avoid those sharp pebbles on the road. Many people have the habit of using a single tire for long periods; however, once a tire is thin, it may even slip and cause you an injury.

The main indicator is that there aren’t visible grooves in the tire. The threads within the tires are molded to the dirt, leaving no mark of the tire pattern underneath. You may have noticed there are deep and clear grooves in new tires, which tend to become shallow once they are regularly used.

What Is the Best Tire for a Scooter: Puncture-Proof Vacuum Tires

If you want to avoid experiencing an motor scooter flat ever again, you should consider getting new tires for your dual motor scooter. 

Solid tires are the only variant in the market that can provide the “no-puncture” assurance you seek. They are different versions of them; you can take your pick from various solid tires and see which one fits your needs best. 

These tires have solid material in them to prevent any reliance on air pressure. Few manufacturers make motorized scooters with solid tires, while others use pneumatic tires. This is because pneumatic tires have better traction and are better quality.

However, you can change pneumatic tires, too, if you want solid tires in your long range electric scooter. Remember that once you get them, they will be difficult to replace. But once you get the feel of riding without worrying about punctures or flats, you may not find the need to replace them.

Bottom Line

The experience of enjoying a long range electric scooter will be significantly better if you can avoid an electric scooter flat. While a flat tire may not be a hazardous repair, it can lead to dangerous situations. Besides, you should be able to enjoy your escooter without worrying about flats.

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