Locations Fortnite Telescope (Jan) How To Find Parts?

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By Marifilmines Team

If you are stuck in this new quest of Fortnite Chapter 3 and want to know about Locations Fortnite Telescope, then this article is for you.

You are probably here because you are a crazy Fortnite fan, and you cannot complete the new seasonal quest. Isn’t it? Do not worry, as we will give a step-by-step guide to easily destroy and collect all the three telescopic parts in a single Fortnite match.

So, whether you are from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada, get ready to know everything on how to complete the Chapter 3 Season 1 quest and the Locations Fortnite Telescope on the map. 

Let us begin!

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a popular online video game released in 2017 and developed by Epic Games. It has three distinct game mode versions: survival mode (Fortnite: Save the World), battle royale (Fortnite Battle Royale), and sandbox (Fortnite Creative).

Save the World is available on Xbox One, PlayStation, Windows, and MacOS. However, Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative are also available on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices. 

In fact, in the 2018 Gamer’s Choice Awards, Fortnite won all the nominated awards. 

What Are The Locations Fortnite Telescope About?

Chapter 3, Season 1(19th season of Fortnite), started on 6 December 2021 and will end on 19 March 2022. 

New seasons come with additional seasonal quests. And the latest trending quest the Fortnite developers have released is- destroy and collect telescopic parts. Unfortunately, this quest is only available for a week, and players are already going crazy due to its reward- 25,000 XP!

Fans are going crazy as most of them do not know where they can find the telescope. And therefore, we are here to inform you of all the Locations Fortnite Telescope scattered in the Seven Outposts:

  • Condo Canyon 
  • Camp Cuddle 
  • Daily Bugle 
  • Sanctuary (three telescopes)
  • Greasy Grove 
  • Coney Crossroads 
  • Logjam Lumberyard 

How To Find Three Telescopic Parts In A Single Match?

The best way to do so is to land in the Sanctuary, where three telescopes are available. Moreover, you must land in Sanctuary or any Seven Outpost to receive the second objective of the quest.

So, once we have received the next objective, we will find the three Sanctuary Locations Fortnite Telescope:

  • For the first telescope, head to the northwest section of the Sanctuary. You will find the telescope near a building with a large entry. 
  • For the second telescope, reach the biggest island near the Sanctuary on the east coast. The telescope will be near the entry of a building.
  • For the third telescope, head to the west side of the small island south to the (above) big island. The telescope will be lying against a building. 

Things To Remember

  • Your map would show you all the nine locations of the telescope with blue pins. 
  • To collect the parts, first, destroy the telescope with any tool.

Final Words

These were the Locations Fortnite Telescope and the most common questions asked by Fortnite players for the new quest. We mentioned all the important things and a step-by-step guide to locating the telescopes. 

However, if you still have any queries, we can help you with, please feel free to ask in the comment section. 

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