Which Loan Management Software Should You Use for Your Business?

With efficient loan management software, you will optimize the monitoring of repayments you have made by limiting the risk of forgetting and errors. Diceus makes the solution available to SMEs and large groups if you need a reliable tool, an innovative and easy-to-deploy financing management tool and many software development services. If you want to https://sloboda-studio.com/blog/hire-dedicated-development-team/, you should know who suits this hiring method best:

What is loan management software used for?

Loan management software supports loans to individuals, businesses, structured, multi-drawdowns, fixed or indexed rates, and real estate, revolving, consumer loans, vehicle fleet financing, IT, etc.

It generally makes it possible to follow loan requests and their validation cycle, to manage loans by calculating interest, simulating the schedule as well as repayments, to control contracts from back to the front office, to control activity and risks, and finally,,, to automate transfers in accounting. Here is the best loan management software provided by Diceus dedicated team.

 the loan and financing management software that meets your needs

Available under license or in SaaS, Diceus will seduce you with their ease of use and performance. Adapting to companies of all sectors and all sizes, this loan management software and medium and long-term financing can manage:

Classic loans at fixed or variable rates

Financial leases with the integration of IAS / IFRS standards

Financial leases

Long-term rentals with or without “buyback.”

The spots

He will carry out the accounting restatement of leasing and financial leasing, personalized reports according to your needs, centralization of the management of financing files.

You will be able to personalize it by determining the axes of analysis by activity, geographical area, by material. And configure it by groups, companies, banks, lenders, accounts, currencies.

What is the loan department?

Loan servicing is how a money organization (a loan specialist) gathers head, premium, and escrow installments due or past due. The training manages a wide range of advances; nonetheless, contracts Mortgage A home loan is an advance – given by a home loan moneylender or a bank – that permits a person to purchase a house. While it is feasible to take out credits to take care of the full expense, it is more normal to get an advance for around 80% of the house’s estimation. They are the most well-known. 

Home loans are frequently upheld by the public authority or an associated office (an administration-supported substance or GSE). A private bank or GSE will commonly not serve the credits they buy. This is typically the obligation of the home loan bank to do this, albeit the bank may likewise re-appropriate the assistance.


  • Loan servicing is the most common way of gathering installments on an advance and dispersing the gatherings in question. 
  • The director contains a part of every installment as an installment for adjusting the advance. 
  • Banks were generally answerable for making and adjusting advances until changes in the business made interest in the company less productive.

Where do service payments go

The individual or organization answerable for overhauling a credit – the administrator – conveys installments to a wide range of gatherings. Might connect to the advance: 

  • Head/premium installments go to the home loan bank or financial backers who hold Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) contracts. An MBS is resource-sponsored security that exchanges the optional market and permits financial backers to benefit from the home loan business. 
  • Home loan Trustees and Guarantors Receive Payment Fees 
  • . should pay protection and assessments on obstructed assets 

Other potential regions where installments can go (contingent upon the advance, its terms, and the financial backers included) incorporate dispossession implementers, misconduct screens, and credit/term rebuilding focuses.

The loan department

Loan service is presently seen as a business in itself. When crucial to the financial area after Securitization, Securitization is a danger the board apparatus used to decrease the quirky risk related to a default of individual resources. Banks and other monetary administrations have changed the essence of money overall. Adjusting delinquent credits has become less productive for banks. Today, most banks make new credits and afterward move the administration freedoms to another monetary establishment or organization with some expertise in dealing with these advances.


Compensation for overhauling advances is like interest. The administrator takes a base level of the regular advance installments that the borrower pays. They typically take somewhere in the range of 0.25% and 0.50% of each cost.

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