Lld Diamonds Simon (Feb 2022) About The Con Artist!

Do you want to collect the available sources for Lld Diamonds Simon? If yes, then kindly find this writing to observe associated hints.

Are you keen to learn about an online scam? Then, kindly go through the composition to know more about the matter. 

However, as per a Worldwide survey, dating scams are also emerging in different parts, causing people not to believe in something until they know it properly. Thus, today, we will explain a piece of news that fooled people through a dating app. 

So, without holding up much, let us find and put the related details of why netizens are searching for Lld Diamonds Simon

About LLD Diamonds

It is owned by Lev Leviev, who operates the firm across the globe to market fine diamonds. However, its consumers are big jewelry and diamond producers who love their customer service and management. In addition, they also keep an eye on the best practices and technologies to sustain and provide the best services to their clients. 

Thus, over the Internet, you might have heard a scam is going on in this firm’s name. But, you don’t know the truth of it, so, in the coming paragraphs, we will mention its crucial details.

Details Of Lld Diamonds Simon

Our investigation has rescued a few genuine resources implying that the entire scam scenario is based on ‘The Tinder Swindler,’ a Netflix series. Moreover, the documentary presents the scammer Shimon Huyut disguised as Simon Leviev, acting to be the son of Diamond King Lev Leviev. 

Simon maintained a great personality, well-groomed lifestyle with personal aircraft and high-grade meals in the series. By getting deeper into the story, he asked women to go for a trip where he targeted them after spending many dollars to act as a capitalist. 

How Was The Fraud Occurred?

The available traces of Lld Diamonds Simon revealed that he targeted numerous women through an online dating app, Tinder, intending to scam them. After seeing his profile, the women started believing him. But, after some, the scammer Simon told the women that he was in danger from the associate and they might harm him. 

Thus, he asked the ladies to connect their bank credentials with him so that the attackers would not get his transaction details in any case. However, the data on Lld Diamonds Simon showed that each of the women realized that they were scammed by him, being in debt of $500,000. Soon, they also know that he was a fraud masked under a false name. 

More Updates 

He was arrested for two years in Finland prison for doing the same scam as per the resources. In addition, in 2019, he was trapped and charged with 15 years of imprisonment, but he was released looking at his excellent behaviour after five months. 

The Final Talk 

We have extracted the required hints on an Lld Diamonds Simon available online in this writing. The research hinted at a Netflix series starring a fraud pretending to be rich and the LLD Diamonds owner’s son. 

However, upon researching, we have found that he scammed many women globally for about $500,000, showing them his luxurious lifestyle. The sources have also rescued his history, implying that he was released from prison for similar scams. 

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