Get Real Discounts On Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture: Shopping for a new living room set on a budget can be intimidating. While you don’t want to drain your bank account, you also don’t want to settle for low-quality furniture because it’s the only option in your price range. Visiting retail locations may cause you to believe that you have to wait for a holiday sale or save up more money before you can finally get that living room set you want.

However, that is only because the retailers deal with a host of third-party companies that must all get paid before the furniture even reaches your doorstep. Therefore, the major retailers charge the customer more to offset their expenses. That’s right; you end up paying for their extra expenses, which include warehousing fees, salespeople’s salaries, payments to delivery companies to transport from the warehouse to the store, and finally to your home. That’s a lot of gas that has to be bought, and with the cost of fuel being high, I’m sure you can understand why the furniture costs are so high.  

It may seem unfair, and that’s because it is. You shouldn’t be financially responsible for the decisions the company makes. After all, you just want a quality living room set for your household’s functionality. Why shouldn’t it be stylish and fairly priced at the same time?

Shopping online will yield you much better results. Many of the stores have direct deals with the manufacturers, so they are able to offer sale prices a traditional retailer cannot. You can find complete living room sets with accessories within any budget. 

But, before you start browsing for a particular style of living room set, take measurements. Taking measurements cannot be stressed enough. You don’t want to start looking before you know how many pieces and the furniture’s dimensions that will fit comfortably in the space. Or even worse, you don’t want to order without taking measurements, only to find out that the piece you wanted won’t work in your home on the day of delivery. 

Falling head-over-heels for a piece of furniture just to realize you have to start from scratch because it won’t fit is not a fun part of shopping. It can be deflating and throw off your whole color scheme and accessories you picked out. To avoid all heartache, put that tape measurer to good use. 

Once you know the dimensions you’re looking for, decide on a style. Is your taste more classic or modern? Do you prefer glamour or traditional? Are you more moved by contemporary or transitional? Or are you unsure of what any of that means?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone if you don’t know which style best describes your tastes. That’s why we’re here to help. You can find discounted living room furniture sales of up to 75% off at 1StopBedrooms. You’ll also have access to a free consultation with a non-commissioned design specialist who will listen to your concerns. They’ll assist you in finding pieces based on the information you give them about your household needs and likes. 

Even with such deep discounts offered on the living room sets, you may still not be ready to pay the full amount at once. That’s not a problem as there are financing options available. Choose a plan of up to 36-months and make small incremental payments. There are no prepayment penalties, the terms are clear, and the rates are fair, most importantly. You can enter your information on the site to see which plan you qualify for without affecting your credit score. 

They offer a price match guarantee to show how much they stand behind their low-cost guarantee. If you found the living room furniture at a lower price, just let them know, and they’ll adjust the cost of your order. They are happy to pass the savings they receive along to you, and if the price of your item decreases after your order is placed, they will happily adjust the price if the order has not yet been processed. 

Check their site for coupon codes that may apply to your order for further discounts. There are manufacturers’ coupons and coupons based on your order total. Choose the best one for your purchase and continue to benefit from the savings. 

Free white glove delivery is available for specially marked items, and free in-home delivery is available on every order. Most companies hide their shipping charges until it’s time to check out. You then find all kinds of fees tacked on to what you believed would be discounted purchase. Before it’s all over, you’ve paid the same amount you would have with a traditional retail establishment. 

These other companies will even offer free curbside or threshold delivery which requires you to struggle with getting the furniture inside your home. At 1Stop, not only is the pricing upfront, the delivery team carries the heavy pieces inside for you. Everything is simple and straightforward; it’s no wonder they are America’s highest-rated furniture company. 

You’ll also have the privilege of shopping with some of the top brands in the furniture industry. Coaster, Signature by Ashley, A.R.T., Tommy Bahama, and more are all ready for you to make a selection. These trusted brands represent quality, style, and function, so you’re covered on all fronts. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, and at these prices, you’re sure to find something that works for your home and wallet.

So visit today and shop the winter sale. You won’t find better prices online with anyone else. There are plush reclining sets and beautiful stationery sets that will bring a fresh perspective to the space. Choose from classy black leather sets or eclectic sets in bold, bright colors. 

Use the convenient filter on the site to narrow down your choices and make it easier to find the perfect sofa set for the living room. Find other furniture and decorative accent pieces to complement the set and completely furnish your living space today.

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