Little Cup Remix Pokemon Go {July} Know Precise Info!

Get all the detail about Little Cup Remix Pokemon Go and enjoy the ultra-premier league using little one cup. Stay with our blog for more latest updates.

Have you heard about Pokemon Go? Are you aware of the animated character of the game? The updated things of the game are going to be discussed among the users of the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. In today’s discussion, we are talking about a cup introduced in the game as a reward.

Through the article, we will study Little Cup Remix Pokemon Go news and mention all the details in the following section so keep reading.

What is Little Cup in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a 2016 enlarged reality mobile game played worldwide, and it gained popularity soon after its launch. Recently in the game, a little cup has been added by its developer. The little cup is one of the stadium cups among four cups that have been announced in Pokemon stadium 2. As per the announcement, the little cup remix will function in the ultra-league game from Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at 1. p.m and will end on July 27, 2022.

Little Cup Pokemon Go Tier List-

The Pokemon is number one in the ranking of over 50. The list does not remain the same as per changes in the game; the list also changes. According to the report in Pokemon Go, a new competitive Pokemon has entered. We are sharing with you the little cup tier list-

  • 1º – Bronzor-XL– Pokedex number: Bronzor-436
  • 2º – Wynaut XL- Pokedex number: Wynaut-360
  • 3º – Shelmet-Pokedex number: Forretress- 616
  • 4º – Deino- Pokedex number: Deino-633
  • 5º – Seel- Pokedex number: Seel-86
  • 6º – Vulpix-Pokedex number: Vulpix-37
  • 7º – Vulpix (Alolan)-Pokedex number: Vulpix (Alolan)-37
  • 8º – Wooper (Shadow)-Pokedex number: Wooper-194

Little Cup Remix Pokemon Go-

Pokemon Go aims to hold as much as possible Poekmon after catching them to fight with them in the gym. It is the crucial factor that differentiates it from the past Pokemon game. The best thing about Pokemon Go is that you can move your animated character in the physical environment.

The little cup has been introduced for players as a reward to contest with newly-hatched baby Pokemon. Its latest updates are gaining popularity, and users want to know the newly launched Little Cup Pokemon Go Tier List to use it. Several factors have been tested, like players’ Pokemon background skills, in which the moving of eggs is highly considerable.

Is Pokemon Go available for free?

Pokemon Go is available free to install without any charge on the App Store and Google Play. It was developed in 2016, part of the Pokemon license, and it was created and launched by Niantic in link with Nintendo and Pokémon Firm for Android and iOS devices. It is free to play and offers many things to do in Pokemon Go.


We have mentioned all the detail about the little cup and its significance. Usually, cups become for less time and are based on theme format. Little Cup Remix Pokemon Go does not allow little cups used previously by trainers. For more details, visit here-Pokemon Go and get another point.

Would you like to play Pokemon Go with the new cup? Let’s share with us.

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