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The Best Websites for Listening to Video Game Music Remixes

Gaming News Listening to Video Game Music Remixes

The Best Websites for Listening to Video Game Music Remixes: Video gaming is no longer a hobby. It has become a full-time career for many. The popularity of online gaming has led many service providers to roll out internet services dedicated to streaming. Of course, you can learn the prices of gaming internet by contacting the phone number to Spectrum.

Speaking of streaming, when was the last time you listened to a remix of your favorite video game? The video gaming industry has been giving us great music ever since forever. Whether it’s the brilliant soundtrack of FIFA or SmackDown vs RAW, video game music remixes continue to jolt the music industry.  

Want to know about the best sites for video game music remixes? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn about the best sites for video game music remixes.    

GameChops is one of the most popular video-game-based record labels. They have produced some great tracks and compilations of remixes for video games. If you haven’t heard of them, should you even call yourself a gamer, bro? GameChops have a dedicated fanbase that continues to provide all-out support for their remixes and albums.  

You can check out their channel on numerous streaming sites including YouTube, Spotify, and Amazing Music. Their tracks and remixes have accumulated millions of views and streams on these platforms. GameChops is one of the best record labels when it comes to albums. If you’re a fan of entire albums, give GameChops a try.  

  • OverClocked ReMix

Don’t tell me that you haven’t even heard of OverClocked ReMix aka OC ReMix. It is one of the greatest video game music remix websites in the entire world. The record label has been around since the time of Sega Dreamcast. For those who don’t know the year, it’s 1999. From the gaming community to industry professionals, everybody loves OC ReMix. The best part, the website lets you browse the music album of specific games.  

The label has produced some of the best remixes for video game music. Many OC ReMix creators have found jobs in the gaming industry because they worked at OC Remix at some point. That’s how good the platform is. The website hosts a great collection of video game tracks. Though you may not find the remix of every game music you have played, still you’d be able to find some excellent tunes.  

  • SoundCloud

My personal favorite and possibly one of the best music streaming sites on the internet. This music hosting and sharing platform has been around since 2007. There’s one word to describe SoundCloud: too good. The streaming service is responsible for launching the music career of many artists. Moreover, it has an awesome library of video game music remixes.  

Though SoundCloud does not feature a dedicated section for video game music remixes, you can still find some great music by looking for video game tags in the description. SoundCloud is one of the most popular music streaming services. It hosts millions of songs from thousands of artists. If you’re interested in listening to different remixes, SoundCloud is a great place to start.  

  • Newgrounds

Newgrounds was founded in 1995, the same year the original PlayStation debuted in North America, Europe, and Australia. The music remix company took the internet by storm following its inception. Many of the music world’s popular figures used the platform back in the day. Though Newgrounds is no longer the king of the internet, it is still quite a big name in the video game music industry.  

Many artists still use Newgrounds to create original work, some of which is dedicated to hosting video game remixes. It is worth mentioning that the video game remixes section has been active on the site since 2003. But with pros come cons and Newgrounds is no exception to that. You will have to type in the name of the game you want to hear the music of.  

  • Remix.Kwed.Org

The best thing about Remix.Kwed.Org, the aesthetics, and the presentation. Retro gamers will love the website for its visuals that look unerringly similar to the classic Windows 2000. Nevertheless, Kwed is one of the best websites when it comes to finding video game music remixes. However, it is important to note that you will only find remixes of Commodore 64 music.  

You might be wondering why Kwed is dedicated to hosting C64 remixes. Well, there are plenty of reasons for that. The number one reason is that Commodore machines created many memorable tunes back in the day. Another reason is that gamers who grew up in the eighties have fond memories of the microcomputer.

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