Linkt Corporation {Aug 2022} Find What Scam Happened!

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By Marifilmines Team

Linkt Corporation, a reputed toll company, is warning about the scams in its name. We will see here how people are getting tricked these days.

Do you own a private vehicle and enjoy driving it? Have you planned a long or short route with a toll in between? Do you know scammers can disappoint you during this journey and empty your account balance? Wondering how?

If you are a resident of Australia, you need to be more careful in this regard. It is because the scams related to Transurban’s e-Tag toll company Linkt Corporation are rising. Let us put light on this regard through this post.

What happened, and what is the recent news?

A Gold Coast resident was tricked by a scammer in the name of operator Linkt for nearly $4000 by a text message for using the toll road. Surprisingly, she is not alone, but according to The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC), there are more than hundreds of victims of this scam. The authority has received more than 700 reports since January this year, which sums to more than $29,000.

Are the scams related to Linkt Mont Saint Aignan?

No, we are talking about Australia’s toll company Linkt and not France’s Mont Saint Aignan Linkt. People were confused after the news and started searching for Linkt, which is also a telecom service provider in France.

However, from our research on the internet, we got to know that these both are different. And before proceeding further, let us clarify that we are talking about Australia’s toll company.

Is the company aware of the scams?

The Transurban is aware of the scams targeting drivers, alerted users on its official website and working to stop these scammers. They have mentioned that we always insist on going through the Linkt Corporation official website and Linkt app if any updates are required.

Moreover, they have also mentioned not to reply to any mail, SMS, or calls asking for your bank’s details because the company never sends such a message.

Some of the samples of the messages people are receiving:

  • Your Linkt has been banned; follow the link to complete the process.
  • Vehicle information is not updated for so long and is disabled, visit the given link.
  • The road toll has not been paid yet. Please complete the payment by visiting here.
  • A toll trip with the date mm/dd/yyyy is pending; kindly follow the link for payment.

What should you do?

Linkt Corporation never asks you for payment by such means as mentioned above. If you are suspicious, then don’t click and take a screenshot and report here

On top of that, if you are directed to a suspicious or phishing website similar to Linkt, check common signs like:

  • Spelling errors
  • Website URL is not starting with https
  • Poor grammar or typos

Action needed:

  • Do not open such SMS
  • Do not reply to such calls
  • Take a screenshot, and report it.
  • Please delete it.
  • Do not click on any link.
  • Do not enter sign in or bank details.


Linkt Corporation is a tolling brand in Australia owned by Transurban, and on its name, scams are on the rise. Recently, a woman was tricked by scammers and has warned drivers in this regard. If you are interested in a sample of scam texts received by Linkt, visit here.

Did you also receive any suspicious messages from Linkt? Do let us know what your action in this regard was.

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