5 LinkedIn Marketing Trends 2022 to Look Out For

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By Marifilmines Team

LinkedIn Marketing Trends: Linkedin is now a promising channel to drive traffic, generate quality leads and build your thought leadership. 

In 2021, we saw huge waves hit the marketing space, where marketers struggled to stay afloat and above water. As we gear up 2022 LinkedIn marketing trends, it’s crucial to understand the differences over the top or under the big wave. And the view is better when you’re controlling the wave versus when the wave is controlling you. 

So here are the top LinkedIn marketing trends to watch out for in 2022 : 

Marketing Content and Content Marketing became One

Content is increasingly becoming an essential part of marketing strategies today. Content operations are changing and so are the practices of  copywriting, storytelling, and framing in LinkedIn. 

As 2022 marketing gizmos keep an eagle eye on the LinkedIn trends for 2022, content marketers will need to enhance their strategy, technology and content structure that gives lead generation rather than creating text-based content. Content strategists will need to explore their skills in creative storytelling and thought leadership while making changes in their current measurement design. 

Post industry trends, how-tos and thought-leadership content

LinkedIn marketing is great to customize your message specific audience that resonates with your audience on the platform because of industry trends and how-tos. For example, when BuzzSumo analyzed the headlines of 10 million blogs shared on LinkedIn, the content that stood out was: 

  • Industry trends and news:” the future of” and “of the year”. 
  • How to write “X ways to” and “how to make”. 

Use the analytics 

For measuring your Linkedin marketing performance or company page,  data and analytics are valuable for understanding what your followers like. Besides getting data on the impressions, clicks and bounce rate, page views, you get a clear idea on your current clickthrough (CTR) and engagement rate. 

Using the data, you can custom create your LinkedIn posts by interests by sharing content relevant to your target audience. This could include content on marketing, startups and technology. 

Optimization of Image and Videos 

Once you know what to post on LinkedIn, it’s time to look for ways to drive engagement to our posts. According to a LinkedIn’s analysis, images lead to a 98% greater comment rate link of YouTube videos resulting in a 75% higher share rate. 

Ideal images, videos and other forms of content increase engagement rate and interaction 478% higher than YouTube videos on Facebook. It’s likely that LinkedIn, like other marketing channels, would prioritize LinkedIn videos over YouTube videos on the platform. In addition, people tend to pay attention to creative infographics and compelling videos rather than reading a long piece of content. 

Integrate LinkedIn Ads into your Marketing Strategy 

Today, the platform has three different types of ads: 

  • Sponsored: Ads that pop up directly on your feed
  • Sponsored Inmail: Ads that deliver custom made and relevant content through LinkedIn messenger 
  • Text Ads: Cost per impression ads that appear on the side of our feed. 

Wrapping Up

With over 690 million active users, the platform is going to expand. Under LinkedIn marketing trends 2022, the crucial aspects include creating an ad, setting your target audience and budget and measuring your ad campaigns. 

If you’ve not started working on your LinkedIn platform yet, start doing so now!

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