Linked up Alarms Reviews {Feb} Is Online Shopping A Scam

This article has delivered prime focusing points to be kept in mind and resolved your confusions associated with Linked up Alarms Reviews.

When it comes to the safety of self and loved ones, it is necessary to opt for supreme protection measures. Yes, this is absolute. Do you believe in manual safety measures? Do you know how helpful these technological measures could be?

People residing in the United Kingdom are going for electronic alarms, considering it the top choice. The authorities have passed a new law. It is obligatory to interlink heat and smoke alarms in houses. 

Linked Up Alarms is a portal that gives accurate information regarding electronic alarms. Nonetheless, to know more, let’s go through the site and find the truth behind Linked up Alarms Reviews.

Summary about is an online website that provides customers with a range of electronic alarms and safety measures. The website claims to have a huge collection of linked alarms worth buying.

Due to the law’s commencement in Scotland from February 2022, there are orders to maintain a link between smoke and heat alarms. 

Therefore, protecting yourself in a modern world full of tragedies should be the prime concern to look upon. 

Linked Up Alarms have outstanding service, such as Smoke alarms, Heat alarms, CO alarms, Remote controls, etc. We need to find, Is Linked up Alarms Legit to know more.


  • Website type: An online website offers wireless interconnecting safety alarms.
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Contact address: 4, Barrack Street, Hamilton; South Lanarkshire, ML3 0DG
  • Contact number: 01698 757 844
  • Cost of products: The Pound Sterling
  • Options for payment: Payment is safe, done through PayPal and Stripe.
  • Shipping policies: Use Parcelforce to deliver alarms.
  • Delivery time: It takes 8 to 9 business days.
  • Return policies: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Social media links: It is present on the social media site Facebook.

We need to know better about the Linked up Alarms Reviews. For more information, let’s have a look at the positive and negative facts regarding the website:

Positive Facts

  • Any blacklist engine did not detect the website.
  • Payment can be made over 3 months.
  • Products claimed to be genuine over the website.
  • Valid HTTPS connection found.

Negative Facts

  • Newly created domain.
  • Poorly ranked website popularity, no organic traffic.
  • The threat profile score is 38 on 100.
  • Medium-low rank at 47.2.
  • Proximity to suspicious websites is 4 on 100.

As per the above facts, it might not be very clear for customers to believe this website. We are discussing the legitimacy of the site to clarify its legitimacy.

Is Linked up Alarms Legit

Let us highlight the website’s legitimacy in the section given below:

  • Website age: It has a medium-low trust rank in the market. (28 August 2021, Saturday)
  • Trust score of the website: 42.7% trust score, categorized under website algorithm.
  • Ranking in Alexa: This site does not rank in Alexa.
  • The legitimacy of contact address: The contact address is well-mentioned on the website, it somehow looks trustworthy.
  • The legitimacy of the Email ID: Email ID is mentioned on the website, but it looks unresponsive.
  • The customer reviews: The reviews claimed on the Linked up Alarms Reviews seem to be quite flagged and questionable.
  • Content originality: The site has shown up products with a high amount, with a 4.8 google rating. This website looks a little controversial. Honestly, the site is missing its ‘About Us’ section
  • Owner identity: The owner of the site is unexplored.
  • Social media connection: Socially connected over the Facebook platform.
  • Return and exchange policies: The website does not mention return and exchange policies
  • Refund policy: Refund policy is not at all mentioned on the Website.

Let’s check some reviews for this site.

Linked up Alarms Reviews

As per our research, the site has received negative social media feedback. Customers have avoided posting genuine reviews on other relevant portals. 

Only the website contains reviews, and all the reviews are coined to be the best ones.

If you already ordered some product from the website, Refund Your Money From PayPal is Fraud Done.

Final Views has some issues with the content on the website. Products are not mentioned on the site so that you can place orders. 

The Linked up Alarms Reviews are found very good to look genuine. We recommend staying away from such sites.

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