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What happened to Lila Smith? Did you know? What has changed about her? The news that a girl has been gone for almost a week is alarming and distressing for everyone in the Canada and United States. Approximately 30 Billboards in Edmonton are displaying her photo, according to information from our reliable online sources. People are looking for her to learn more in-depth. You may learn more about Lila Smith Missing Edmonton in this post, which we have written from reliable online sources. Please spend a little time getting to know Lila Smith.

Missing Lila Smith 

Calgary, as well as other Canadian locations, have been added to the search for dashboards by Lila Smith. A digital billboard in Calgary depicts missing thirteen year old Lila Smith from the Edmonton region at the intersection of Olympic Way and 11th Avenue. Around 8:30 a.m. approximately 91 Street and 131 Avenue are the exact locations where Lila Smith was spotted on June 24.

Describe her most recent appearance

Lila family reported her missing to Edmonton police under Lila Smith Missing Edmonton. She is identified as a Caucasian woman, height about 5 feet 9 inches long, wearing thin specs, weight around 110 pounds, with short brown hairs and blue eyes. She was identified as wearing a pullover with a front checked pocket and an endlessly white body. One arm was green, and one arm was purple. She was moreover wearing black Converse sneakers, a backpack, and a set of torn blue jeans. 

Investigation into Lila’s disappearance

It has been more than a week, so the police of Edmonton have requested the public’s assistance at the beginning of this day in the investigation of Lila because Lila Smith is Missing Edmonton. Since then, misplaced Edmonton banners and pictures of her have spread web-based all through the city of Edmonton. Her photos have additionally shown up on announcements trusting that somebody might perceive her Lila’s family companion Robyn Hanson expressed on Thursday that they might have received a ton of tips and that everyone is being investigated. They are expanding their look to more distant regions in the country and now she has been missing for about a week.

Latest updates in the Lila Smith case

There are about 30 billboards for Smith in the Edmonton area. This billboard regarding Lila Smith Missing Edmonton will be advertising her picture on other billboards across Canada, a minimum of which will be located in Calgary. Police in Edmonton are requesting anybody with information about Smith’s vanishing to inform them on call. On Thursday, Calgary police announced that they are promoting EPS’ investigation.


 In conclusion, this post has provided details about Lila Smith, who has been missing for a week, and the most recent investigation that has been made to find her. 

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