Liberals Platform 2021 {Sep} Know Full Election Details!

In 2019, the Liberals Platform had won the elections with 33.12% votes. Know about Liberals Platform 2021 agenda and results in this article.  

Justin Trudeau will remain the PM of Canada as the preliminary results of elections reveal that Liberals had won 156 seats and the Conservative party had won 123 seats. Liberals are the oldest party in Canada, and many times it gained support from the New Democratic Party. The final ballot results are still awaited. But, Liberals may not get a majority in Parliament as per initial results.

So, let us look at more details about Liberals Platform 2021.

Liberals Government in 2021:

The elections in Canada during the current Covid crisis were unexpected. To approve a bill in Parliament, Trudeau will again require support from opposition party members. The risk of overturning the government in future lingers over the Liberals. Soon, New Democrats will meet Trudeau to support his party in Parliament.

Trudeau has lost credibility among people that he tried to gain a new voice with different ideas and approaches. He seems to have lost the trust of people due to the way he handled the pandemic. 

From the Liberals Platform 2021, Trudeau broke the ethical laws by influencing the Justice minister in 2018 for the allotment of a contract. Further, a charity organization was given a NO-BID contract. Trudeau used words like – black face and brown face at least six times. 

Liberals Platform had seven major issues for their agenda in this elections:

Health Care

Allocating $3.2 billion to the provinces for hiring 7500 new doctors and nurses. Resolving the wait-list of the healthcare system by allotting $6 billion immediately. Funding $4.5 billion on mental health services.


Increase the resources for the Canada Revenue Agency to aggressively plan on tax avoidance. Liberals Platform 2021 will increase tax on insurance companies and banks that earn more than $1 billion each financial year.

Climate Change

Allocating $700 million for adding new electric vehicles and hydrogen stations. Allowing carbon tax to gain $170 per ton. 

Long-Term Care

Allocating funds to train personal support workers. A minimum wage of $25 per hour. Investing $9 billion to support senior citizens.

Post-Pandemic Recovery

Creating work opportunities for 28K people to support adaptation of new technology. Support private businesses to spend $1.5 million for acquiring new machines and technology. Canada Recovery Hiring Program will continue till 31st March 2022.

Childcare Agenda on Liberals Platform 2021

Approve 50% cut in child care fee next year. Approve $10 per daycare in the next 5 years. Building 250,000 new child care spaces. The hiring of additional 40K early childhood educators.


Approve tax-free first home SA for people under 40 years, allowing them to save $40K each year. Approve rent to own a program. Increase First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit to $10K.


The House of Commons overall has 338 seats. 170 seats are required to form a government with a majority. Final results are still awaited due to the counting of mail-in votes. But, Liberals Platform 2021 will increase and may not reach the milestone of 170 seats. With Liberals winning more seats, the Canadian dollars picked up in the market today. 

What do you think of Liberals Platform  in this election? Let us know your views on these elections.

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