Liar.Com Elon Musk {March} Read To Know Where It Redirects is the current search for people, and they want to know the website owner. We will dig deep into facts and tell you about Elon Musk.

Have you heard about the vaccine mandate in the capital of Canada? So, are you among the supporters of this initiative? Have you heard about earlier? Does this website belong to Elon Musk?

We are talking about this as nowadays if you type this website on google, it will redirect directly to Justin Trudeau. People in the United States and the United Kingdom are surprised about this and enjoy some memes becoming popular these days. So, what it is all about, we will discuss in Elon Musk.

What is

  • If we look at some of the aspects of the website, then we get to know that:
  • February 2000 is the domain name registration year.
  • Details of who registered on the website are unknown.
  • So, it is not known who the website owner is.
  • The mailing address is on Grand Cayman Island.
  • So, we can assume that it is somewhere linked to this address.
  • The last update date of the website is 2022-01-30.
  • And it expires on 2030-02-08.
  • Recently, the owner has donated 42,069 dollars for GoFundMe.
  • But even after this big amount of donation, it is unknown who did it.
  • Most of us wonder if Elon Musk website. However, it is unclear what this website is about right now. But if you type on the website right now, it will take you to Justin Trudeau’s Wikipedia page.

Who is Justin Trudeau, and why are we talking about him?

Born on December 25, 1971, Trudeau is currently the prime minister. He is the 23rd PM and has held the office since 2015. He was born to Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair in Ottawa.

The Freedom Convoy 2022 is the protest against the government that mandates cross-border Covid-19 vaccines for re-entering the country by road. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is the popular search related to this protest.

After it was introduced on January 15, many truck convoys gathered on January 29 at a rally at Parliament Hill. The protest is mainly against Trudeau and forcibly removing the ruling government.

Whoever has connected Justin Trudeau to either does not like his policies or does it for a fun purpose.

Talking about GoFundMe, it is a fundraising platform started on January 14 to collect funds through crowdsourcing. And it has collected nearly 10,096,500 Canadian dollars from approximately 120,000 donors.

Where did Elon Musk come in, and what about Elon Musk? has donated $42096 for this protest, and Musk often mocks about it. Also, Elon Musk favoured this Canadian truckers rule. 

In some of his tweets, he even relates the exact number saying, “I was born 69 days after 4/20.” Another post shared “due to inflation 420 gone up by 69.”

However, unless he officially posts anything about it, we cannot say that this website belongs to Elon Musk. Whatever the updates come, we will keep you posted regarding it.


The ongoing protest, the fundraising platform, Justin Trudeau and Elon Musk are somehow related currently. Meanwhile, memers and owners of the website are taking mockery to another level by relating all these. You can read about this Freedom Convoy protest here.  

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