Lemsip Overdose Death 2022 {April} What Inquiry Says!

Latest News Lemsip Overdose Death 2022

This article on Lemsip Overdose Death 2022 provides you with complete knowledge about the death resulting from an overdose of lemsip.

Do you know about the recent death occur from an overdose of lemsip? Do you ever know who is poorly affected by lemsip? If yes, connect with this article to take helpful information.

A woman starts throwing coffee coloured bile from her mouth after taking an overdose of paracetamol. This overdose of paracetamol occurs due to the Lemsip. This incident news has come from Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom reports. 

If you want to take the complete information, read the article till last on Lemsip Overdose Death 2022.

Who died after the overdose?

A New Zealand woman has been dead from liver failure due to an overdose of the Lemsip, which is also caused by an overdose of paracetamol.

As per the reports, she suddenly developed a cough and bad chest the last week. She has to decide on the lemsip and add some flu drink to it to recover from symptoms. But her condition was too bad on Christmas Day, and her son called for the ambulance after seeing her mother’s health condition. 

Her mother starts to vomit and throw the coffee-coloured bile from her mouth. Here the story of Lemsip Overdose Death 2022 starts. After reaching the hospital, the reports of her health care declared that she suffered from the low oxygen levels that caused the liver disease. 

The reports came from the doctors who diagnosed that she had died because of liver failure. Her liver fails due to taking an overdose of paracetamol with lemsip. At last, the new Zealand mother died on 7 January.

Inquiry held at UK Preston Coroner court

An enquiry was filled at UK Preston coroner court after the death of bergin. Here the fact came that she usually takes a lot of alcohol. They made this reason also behind the Lemsip Overdose Death 2022.

The bergin’s son Mathew stands at this statement and says that she drank only two or three cans weekly. And on weekends, she drinks up to 10 cans of alcohol. He also said that his mother was in good condition but did not overeat. She usually takes plenty of water. Bergin takes the lemsip after every 4 hours, and each sachet of lemsip contains 1000mg paracetamol. It is recommended not to take regular lemsip before 24 hours. But bergin takes the overdose of lemsip every 4hour. That’s why she start to vomiting and throw coffee coloured bile because of her liver failed, and she died.

Reports on Lemsip Overdose Death 2022

According to the daily mail reports, the news has been that she died after a deficiency of oxygen levels and liver failures. It is all because of taking an overdose of lemsip to recover from cough. But overdose affects her health badly, and she starts vomiting.


This article provides you with relevant information about Bergin’s death. After coming to the reports, it was concluded that she died after an overdose of paracetamol that failed her liver. She died on 7 January. The reports have also come that she usually takes vast amounts of alcohol.

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