Leefte Reviews {March 2022} Is Online Shopping A Scam?

This article is Leefte Reviews which gives detailed information on this site. Grab the discussion to verify the site’s genuineness before investing your money.

Everyone wants to be at good looking house and office. If you are the one who wants to have your surroundings pleasant? Then, have a look at leefte.com to get beautiful products.

The Leefte is an online website that delivers home decor articles. It provides its service in the United States

Leefte supplies attractive products in the office also. Leefte states that they provide high-quality, latest fashioned articles. Let us investigate through Leefte Reviews to verify their affirmation is true or not?

To identify facts about this site, let us throw a light on this webpage through the below section.

Summary about Leefte.com

Leefte.com is an online platform to get attractive home and office decor products. They claim to provide high-quality with the latest designs to boost up the beauty of your surroundings.

Leefte.com provides various products like wheelbarrows with spare parts, ceiling lamps with lights, frames photography print, fungicide, and executive chairs for office use.

However, let us make it plain and evaluate Is Leefte Legit?


  • Website Type: E-commerce website with home and office decor products 
  • E. mail:  order@leefte.shop 
  • Website: https://leefte.shop
  • Contact address: 1702 E. Edgewood Drive Lakeland, FL 33803
  • Contact number: There is no contact number found.
  • Cost of Products: USD
  • Sort and filter: Available
  • Options for payment: Payment is through an online payment mode.
  • Shipping Policies: Shipping is within 3-5 business days. 
  • Delivery time: There is no specific delivery time mentioned.
  • Return Policies: The product is returned within 30 days of business working days.
  • Social media link: Social media links are absent. 

The Leefte Reviews are still unexplored and have not gone through clearly.

Now, let us go thoroughly into details about the portal with some pros and cons to make it crystal clear.

Positive thoughts

  • There are verified SSL certificates for the site.
  • Contact addresses are available.
  • Return policy is applicable within 30 days of receipt.

Negative Facts

  • The trust score is too bad at 2%, making the buyer think before investing in it.
  • There is no valid information available for contact. 
  • There are no customer reviews seen on the site. It makes the new customer helpless to know more about the products.
  • There are no details about the owner of the website.

Is Leefte Legit?

Website Age: This site is very young, less than one year (Created on:14th July 2021)

Trust Score of Website: The trust score is 2%; bad to trust.

Ranking in Alexa: It ranked 5074432, high to believe. 

The legitimacy of the Contact address: There is a contact address but not be sure.

The legitimacy of the Email ID: The Email-ID is mostly fake.

Content Originality: Firstly, there is no About Us section in the portal. The content available on the site is too vague and cannot be trusted.

The Customer reviews: Leefte Reviews is not available on the website. In addition, there are no ratings for the products on the site.

The owner identity: There are no details about the owner on the website.

Social Media Connection: The social platform is not present for this website.

Return and exchange policies: The return and exchange of the product within 30 business days.

Refund Policy: Refund for products within 2-4 business days after return request.

For running any website, customer feedback is necessary. The reviews by customers help to earn trust and experience for new ones. The buyers’ feedback makes clear the doubt about their services.

Let us go through the below section for some review about this site.

Leefte Reviews

The Leefte site allows the buyer to get high-quality, newly fashioned articles with an attractive look.

However, this site failed to get single feedback from the customer about its quality and service. Not only on its website, but no other social website has also mentioned its reviews.

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Leefte.com portal does not have relevant details about its owner. The number for its contact is also unavailable. 

Therefore, the site seems dubious, and hence we suggest you not go for this site. So, be careful before investing your money. Leefte Reviews are missing to prove its trust. 

If you are unsatisfied with our opinion, then post your comment.

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