Layssard Reviews (March 2022) Is This Real Or A Scam?

This article contains honest Layssard Reviews about the online store that claims to offer decorative items.

Do you love buying decorative things for your place? If so, then you must check out this review session.

These days’ people wander store to store searching for unique and attractive decorative items for their house. Moreover, many online shopping sites are also available in the e-marketplace that offers exclusive pieces. So, today we will highlight one e-store named Layssard. The website sells exclusive decorative items for homes and festivals. 

However, in the United States, fewer people have inquired about this e-store so let’s get into these Layssard Reviews and gather some information.

What is Layssard?

Layssard is an online platform that claims to offer custom products. The website’s introduction page has claimed that it has close contacts with highly professional production houses and suppliers to fulfill the customers’ demand. 

Furthermore, the available products on the website are lunar light, wreaths, lamps, wall arts, flower baskets, hand-painted statues and beautiful festival decorations. Currently, the website has a hot sale on its festival decoration where shoppers can save up to 50%. In addition to this, the Layssard store is also providing some additional offers where buyers will get up to 15% off on purchasing 5 items.

But, we are not aware of the website’s reliability yet and have many doubts, like Is Layssard Legit or not. So, it’s better to read further and gather more details about the website. 

What are the conditions of Layssard?

  • Website URL-
  • Email address-
  • Company location- AIMARK Limited, 39-41 Chase Side, Chase Business Center, London (UK) AND, Moria Plus, 253 Rue Saint Honore, Paris France
  • Contact number- not mentioned 
  • Domain creation date-25/08/2021
  • Payment option-Mastercard, PayPal and VISA
  • Shipping fee-free worldwide shipping 
  • Shipping period- within 30 days 
  • Exchange and return policy-90 days return
  • Refund validity- within certain days 
  • Products- home décor items 
  • Newsletter- specified 
  • Social media links- mentioned

It is recommended to go through the shopper’s Layssard Reviews to learn about the site’s intentions.

What are the benefits of ordering from this website?

  • The e-store has a worldwide free shipping policy.
  • Customers can make returns for 90 days.
  • Under the hot sale, the website has multiple money-saving offers.
  • The email address is mentioned on the site. 
  • The website also delivers internationally, including in the United States.

What are the drawbacks of ordering from this website?

  • The website lacks valid or honest company locations, customer support service number and founders’ details on the website.
  • The available social media icons are worthless.
  • The buyer’s feedbacks are not specified on the website.

Is Layssard Legit?

Under this segment, we will clarify all your doubts related to the website’s trustworthiness. Indeed, the website does not seem to deceive, but still, we should not trust it with its appearance. Moreover, we have introduced some judgment criteria to help people expose the site’s legitimacy.

  Kindly consider the following points.

  • Social media connections- The social media icons take you to the post-sharing page under the product description. But, in the analysis, we have found the site’s Facebook page. 
  • Customer feedback- The client’s Layssard Reviews are not updated on the website, but we have detected negative remarks from the internet. 
  • Trust score- On 1-100 scale, the site has scored 2%, which is poor.  
  • Domain creation date- The domain name of the e-store was created on 25/08/2021.
  • Alexa rank- No Alexa rank results found on the internet. 
  • Address originality- the valid company addresses are not available on the website as the mentioned addresses are fake.
  • Domain expiration date- the domain will terminate on 25/08/2022.
  • Trust index rank- The index rank of the site is based on a 1-100 scale, and the website has obtained 14.1, which indicates the site is not trustable. 

What are the shoppers’ Layssard Reviews?

Customer feedbacks are immensely needed to evaluate the website’s reliability. Moreover, the official website does not hold any ratings and review pages. The feedback portals such as Trustpilot and the site’s Facebook page are also found empty. 

In retrospect, the experts have obtained negative reviews from the internet where people have posted that the site is fraudulent as they have not received their order yet. 

If you want the refund via PayPal, then read here.


In the investigation, it is clarified that the website is untrustworthy. Similarly, potential buyers are requested to read the information mentioned above in these Layssard Reviews before visiting this website. Kindly visit here to learn about how to get rid of the credit card scam.

Do you have any experience with this online site? What are your views about this ecommerce portal? Kindly post your response and share your experience below.

29 thoughts on “Layssard Reviews (March 2022) Is This Real Or A Scam?”

  1. Excitingly ordered…. Received confirmation email but still showing as awaiting dispatch. Contacted customer services which is only available via email for no response.
    Now awaiting claiming it back from my bank!!! Avoid!!!!

  2. I ordered 2 dolls stated to be waldorf these are very cheap dolls not at all what advertised the company won’t answer my emails regarding refund

  3. Total scullers. I ordered two dolls from them. When they arrived after over a month, they look nothing like in the advertisement and what I believed I was buying and paying for. The pictures on their website have images of cute hand made dolls of great quality. What they send look like a scarecrow poorly made, hair glued in, clothes not knitted like it shows in the pictures, different costumes made with hardly any sewing done. Extremely disappointed and angry as requested to return the rubbish they sent me (and I paid for the two dolls over £80 believing I am buying beautiful dolls for my daughter’s birthday presents) and nobody responded. Wish I read the comments as there are many other customers summed by this so called dollmaker. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

  4. On January 14, I placed an order with this company. I received a response that it would be shipped ASAP!! I may have to call my bank and cancel my purchase. I hope I am not too late. Very disappointed!!!

  5. They are definitely a rip off company, I ordered and paid for “hand made warldorf doll” and receive a fake very bad synthetic version… I’m very very upset 😡🤬

  6. This is a total scam. I sent for the Christmas centerpiece that was on Facebook and finally got it after many weeks and many messages set to this place. The crap was a joke. As many things out there, BEWARE. I wasted $46.93. Do not,DO NOT order anything from this fake scamming place.

  7. Having the same problem getting e a response from the E mail site. If you go on to their site they show the dolls that I was interested in. Most likely going to contact my credit card company to decline charge. Really makes me angry. The dolls were so beautiful!

  8. They are a scam. I purchased to beautiful dolls from them. When I received the dolls, they were totally different, not the beautiful dolls I purchased.
    I emailed them, they said yes you can send them back for a refund. But we need a tracking number.
    Went to the post office, to send them back to China $73.00, with a tracking number. I didn’t bother, as i paid 96.00….they prey on people. It is not right!!

  9. It’s so bad they are a fraud, the dolls are beautiful, it could be a very good business but as I can see this site is fake. I ordered two beautiful dolls and never received them, I paid by Pay pal and right now I’m trying to get my money back. It’s very disappointed ☹️.

  10. This is my first experience with a scam. It sure feels bad. I received two dolls this past week and they are nothing like what was pictured. I sent an email to let them know this, and also to ask for a refund and my email was returned undeliverable. I paid by credit card so I will check with the credit card company about any chance for a refund. Yes, it must be a scam.

  11. The Waldorf doll that I finally received after 9 weeks looks nothing like the picture. The doll is very small, very cheaply made and came in a plastic bag. No nice cardboard box. Very few cheap strings of yarn for hair. Very disappointed!

  12. My wife ordered one of their Waldorf dolls and, as mentioned many times above, the doll was nothing like the picture, just a cheap worthless imitation without any of the accessories. They asked that she return the doll for a refund but they require a tracking number which makes shipping cost as much as the full price of the doll since the shipping address is in Hong Kong. She requested a chargeback from her credit card but, to no avail as they say that a purchase which looks different or doesn’t meet your expectations does not warrant a credit card chargeback. She ended up getting a partial compensation from her credit card but not the full price. Buyer beware.


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