Lavender Dragon Adopt Me Worth {March 2022} Explore Here!

This article discusses the Lavender Dragon pet in the game, Adopt Me, and Lavender Dragon Adopt Me Worth.

Are you an animal lover? Do you love to adopt animals in reality and the forms of games? Do you know about any game which makes you adopt your favorite animal? If not, then we are presenting a game of Roblox with some different related aspects for the one who loves adopting animals. 

A game got more than enough fame across the United Statesand Canada named Adopt me. If you live there, you must know the curiosity of Lavender Dragon Adopt Me Worth

So, connect with the article to know about the answer to this query. Yes, a long way to go. 

About the game Adopt Me. 

  • It is a game loved by an animal admirer. It is a multi-player game. 
  • The gamers are expected to adopt an animal and serve them the best of their services and treat them as their child. 
  • The animals here are available remotely and Virtually. It is an animal trading game.
  • One Player can exchange their pet with another player. 

Let us see what this game holds about Lavender Dragon Adopt Me Worth. Till the January of 2022, this game got played Million times. 

About the Lavender Dragon 

When you focus on Lavender Dragon, you will find that it’s a luxurious animal you may adopt as a legend pet. 

This game feature is released for the players concerned with the Game-pass DJ. Because due to the Upgradation in the game, this DJ feature got destroyed, and the gamers were very disappointed.


  • Name- The Lavender Dragon
  • Type- The Legend Pet
  • Worth- 350 coins
  • Release date- 8th February 2022

What is Lavender Dragon Adopt Me Worth? 

This Dragon is a recent launch of the game by the producers. The Dragon worth by which you can make this Dragon your pet are

  • You can straight take it from the store by spending 350 earned coins.
  • You can also exchange your any other per to get this legendary animal, Lavender Dragon
  • Another way to get it in exchange for your destroyed game pass. 

So basically, there is three-way of analyzing the worth of Lavender Dragon. Let us now move forward to know how to own Lavender Dragon after knowing Lavender Dragon Adopt Me Worth.

How to own Lavender Dragon 

From our deep research, we find that players cannot have this legendary animal only if they already have a game pass DJ. 

So, in the beginning, the game asks you if you want to purchase the game pass. Then, you can access your Game pass and own the Lavender Dragon afterward.


From our research for this legendary animal and its cost, we can say you need to access the game pass initially, but we also find that many players are giving negative feedback as it is of no use and is old-fashioned.

Do you have any information about Lavender Dragon Adopt Me Worth? Then, kindly do share your knowledge via comments.

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