Lattelier Store Reviews {March 2022} Is This Legit Or A Scam?

This post will help you give every necessary information about Lattelier Store Reviews and help you decide to buy the product.

There must have been times in your life, and you must feel that your clothes are out of fashion. Now, you have the solution, and the answer is Here you can buy the best clothes which are fashionable and on par with the dressing sense of people belonging to the United States, France and Germany. They have all the ones which will help you look like the best version of yourselves.

Customers must keep important factors like Lattelier Store Reviews  in mind before buying anything from this website.

Brief of

It is a website exclusively for women who merge mundane and brilliancy in clothing. Its factories are based in Hong Kong to minimize the cost of the product so that everybody can buy from it.

It sells a product like

  • Cropped Double Breasted Blazer
  • Flat Collar Herringbone Coat
  • V Neck Maxi Length Coat
  • Designer Shoes
  • Gift Cards

The designer of this product is from a prestigious university like Savannah College of Arts and Design. They have excellent working experience, and their collection is based on fabric like cashmere, silk, etc. One must come across the question: Is Lattelier Store Legit. This is important which we are willing to answer but first, allow us to tell you the features of this website.

Features of

  • Get fancy clothes from
  • Email address of
  • Influencer collaborations:
  • Press request:
  • Company Name: APONIC INC
  • Address: 228 PARK AVE S 79525, NEW YORK, NY 10003.
  • Return and Exchange Policy: It handles return case by case basis in accordance with the
  • satisfaction of the customer. Customers can return the product within 14 days since
  • he/she receives the products.
  • It has its mobile application for the App store, where you can see ratings and Lattelier
  • Store Reviews.
  • The customer must have the original receipt, and the item should be in original condition
  • for return.
  • The customer has to pay the shipping fees and return fees except when he/she receives a
  • defective piece.
  • The return process may take up to 4 weeks.
  • They provide order tracking on their website.
  • Shipping Policy: It takes 7-14 business days to reach products to the customer.

Positive Highlights

  • Email, address, reviews are available.
  • Social media presence.
  • An order tracking system is available.
  • It takes no shipping fees for returning defective products.

Negative Highlights

  • Return policy seems long
  • No reviews were found on the official website collection

Is Lattelier Store Legit?

Lattelier store sells clothing for women, and now comes the section which is most important, and we urge you not skip this section. We insist on at least reading this section. It will give you a relevant idea of whether to buy the product from here or not. Must go to this legitimacy section.

  • Domain registered: It was registered on the 1st of August 2020, and it will expire on the
  • 1st of August 2020.
  • Registrar: NameSilo, LLC is the registrar on the domain.
  • Trust Index: It has a trust score of 60%, which is above the trust score.
  • Lattelier Store Reviews: No reviews were found on the products on the official website.
  • Social Media Presence: It has a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, but
  • no proper reviews are mentioned. Some comments are discussed there.
  • Data Transmission: Https is detected for safe transmission of statistics.
  • Privacy Policy: It has a safe and secure privacy policy.
  • Address Originality: Address is legit.

We hope all these details will give you an idea about the legitimacy of the products. Its trust score is decent, but reviews of the customers are less. This section will clear all hesitations and doubts about this website, and you can make up your mind regarding the purchase. Please purchase after this website meets your standard.

Lattelier Store Reviews

We have not found any review on the official website. It has a presence on social media sites, but there are also no proper reviews or ratings. Some comments are mentioned there like customers said that it takes a longer time to reach while some are satisfied. Therefore, mixed comments are there. However, we have not found relevant reviews on other sites.

Alexa Rank is low for this website, and therefore less popularity seems for this. Therefore, we request customers to buy the product at their own risk and must check Credit card related scams details also.

Final Summary

According to the Lattelier Store Reviews, we recommend customers not to buy products from this website because this website's reviews are not properly found even though its trust score is 60%. Also, its domain was registered last year. However, it offers various products like Breasted Blazer, which is a nice one. For your information, we recommend you to check PayPal scam related details also.

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22 thoughts on “Lattelier Store Reviews {March 2022} Is This Legit Or A Scam?”

    • Hello Erika Leclerc, When did you place an order? Do you get any response from them? Nowadays, they provide a tracking number that is a total of no use. So, kindly go to a genuine portal and get quality products. Stay away and alert. Be cautious. Thanks. Take care.

    • I just did buy and I already regret it. I can’t track my order at all. It’s been a week and they can’t track it either. I am very worried.

        • I did get a response from them after requesting a cancellation of a pair of boots after not receiving them after 2 months. Email said they will credit my PayPal account we will see. Now the same ads are coming under a different name: Same merch. ??

  1. They are a scam. Same thing happened to me as I saw an Instagram ad for a puffer coat and ordered it. 2 months later and never received my package. Plus the tracking site to track your order is fake. DONT BUY!

  2. They are the worst breaking multiple laws. Scamming and super long delays. I was charged twice. It took a couple weeks just to get them to correct that then my order took over 30 days, which they charged me before shipping the product. I received the product and immediately returned it to them with a tracking number and was told as soon as it arrived that it would take 10 business days it’s been over 30 business days. I sent them a screenshot of the delivery asking why I haven’t received my credit and they told me to be patient. I’m still trying to get my money back. I just received a response for them today that they are crediting back my card and it can take 5 to 10 business days it’s all a manipulation to keep your money as long as possible and pretend that they are taking action.

    • Hello Simona S-Barr, we feel bad, you have not received the order and have to suffer. These are the tricks used by the scammers and earn money without any hard work. Check if they send a refund. Please let us know. Be careful. Take care. Thanks.

  3. this page is a scam. I’ve been waiting for my order for well over two months and they have a fake tracking site. customer service is a mockery and they tell you they won’t refund your money. please do not buy from this store.

  4. it’s a faux Chinese company try to rip off Americans! Everything is faux, once you paid, you will get nothing, not even faux order confirmations, everything they say is a lie. DO not buy, I have warn you…..

  5. Fake everything in this company! Fake order, fake shipping, fake tracking, fake office address…. only real is you are NOT going to get your stuff!
    And they want to keep your money without doing anything, keep telling you lie after lie just to keep your money as long as they can till hope you to give up.
    DON”T buy from them , I have warn you…..

    • Hello Eric, thanks for the update and suggestion. It’s terrible, the scammers earn money without any hard work and disappear. We feel sad, you have not received the order. Be aware and alert. Take care. Thanks.

  6. Ordered a pair of pants from them that looked nothing like the advertisement and tried to them, but was denied a refund because the package was opened. How can you not know they are selling bogus items unless you open the package? AVOID THIS STORE-SCAMMERS AND CHEATS!

  7. I ordered from Latterlier on January 1st, 2022 and have not received my order. Now I’m finding out it’s all a scam! What can I do now?


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