Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam (March) Some Facts-Checking!

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The guide shares details to help people know if Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam or Legit.

Playing tennis is a favorite sport in America. Regardless of age, everyone in the United States loves playing the sport. But, not all are skilled to enjoy the sport. So, Chad Lassiter, a tennis professional, decided to launch an academy to give lessons to all tennis fans.

Chad Lassiter is the director and owner of tennis operations, and he is a certified tennis instructor and professional with over 21 years of experience. He launched a tennis academy, Lassiter Tennis Academy, which has been in existence for more than ten years.

But is Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam or Legit?     

What is Lassiter Tennis Academy?

Lassiter Tennis Academy is the institute in the United States offering tennis lessons to all, regardless of their age. The academy is owned and directed by tennis professional Chad Lassiter. He has been in the field for more than 21 years and gives tennis lessons via his innovative classes. 

Lassiter Tennis Academy is for those tennis players or lovers who want to hone their skills in the sport. Chad Lassiter gives private lessons on pickleball and tennis during the summer. As summer approaches, parents want to enroll their kids in the academy. 

But, before enrolling your kids in the academy, ensure to check if it is legit or a scam. 

Is Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam or Legit?

Check its legitimacy to avoid unnecessary scams before you enroll your kids in the Lassiter Tennis Academy. After evaluating the website, we found some crucial facts worth sharing. 

  • The domain is not new as it is more than ten years old. The domain was registered on 10th April 2011, and it will expire on 10th April 2022.
  • The trust index of the website is 80%. It is an average trust score and demands further investigation before using. There is no Alexa ranking and no trust ranking available. So, further research is necessary to know if Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam or legit.  
  • After evaluating, we found the website has active Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Page. They are active in replying to the queries of consumers. 
  • However, there is no individual review section on the website. Moreover, we found no reviews other than a couple of comments on the Facebook page. 
  • The website also has another URL that redirects to

Based on these findings, the legitimacy can’t be confirmed. So, research before enrolling in the academy.

What Customers Have to Say?

After evaluating, we have not found any reviews or testimonials from customers to confirm whether the Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam or legit. We only found a couple of comments and queries on its official Facebook page. It also includes a link to another portal,, redirecting to

There are no individual reviews online, and hence we urge the readers to carefully evaluate and analyze the portal before using it to avoid unnecessary scams. Besides, readers must keep themselves equipped with tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.


Lassiter Tennis Academy claims to be the best tennis academy where lessons on tennis are offered by experienced and skilled tennis professional Chad Lassiter. However, there are no reviews, testimonials, or comments to confirm whether the Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam or legit.   

So, you must research the website and academy properly before enrolling your kids in the academy. Are you a student at the academy? Then, be the first to share your reviews in the comment section.

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