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Do you like physical games or computer games? If the former is your answer, would you mind telling us which game you like the most? Maybe you are a basketball fan? Then you must be aware that the United States is known for the game. So this article will let you enjoy the history of the Lakers, which is not hidden from the NBA (National Basketball Association) games followers.

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What are Lakers?

The Lakers are professional basketball teams of the National Basketball Association (NBA) situated in Los Angeles, America. If we look at the history of the NBA, the Lakers are found to be one of the most successful teams. They won around seventeen NBA champion trophies with the Boston Celtics in many winnings. On the playground, the Lakers played as a member of the Western Conference Pacific division of the NBA league.

About Lakers Ownership History:

Games provide us with different ways to express our strengths, overcome weaknesses, and learn new skills. One part is playing, where players play their roles. But another essential part of games is who bear their expenses for maintenance, training, and time and need specific up-gradations. All that is taken care of by the owners of the games. In the case of the Lakers, it has a long list of owners with ownership in different proportions. The current owners of the Lakers, as per our research for Lakers Ownership History, are as follows:

  • Majority Ownership: Buss Family Trusts
  • Controlling Ownership: Jeanie Buss
  • Minority Ownership: Patrick Soon-Shiong, Edward P Roski, and Philip Anschutz. 

History of the Lakers and its best players:

The birth of the Lakers came into being back in 1947 when a franchise of NBL (National Basketball League), namely Detroit Gems, was disbanded and sold to Minnesotians Moriss Chalfen and Ben Berger. And came to be known as Minneapolis Lakers in the 1950s. So we can see the current Los Angeles Lakers have not remained the same since its birth. And Lakers Ownership History shows that the Lakers changed by names, with players, and most probably with techniques to play with the ownership of the games. 

Some of the historical eras of the game with their nicknames are: 

  • Beginnings and Minneapolis dynasty during 1947-58.
  • The Kobe Bryant era from 1991 to 1996.
  • The LeBron James era from 2018 to the present.  

And some of the famous players were: George Mikan, Elgin Baylor, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jim Pollard, among others.

Final thought:

To conclude, there is no double thought that games are entertaining and have much learning for players, viewers, and owners. So the Lakers Ownership History tells us with its different episodes.

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