Laika to Tsuki to Nosferatu {Oct 2021} Know The Novel!

The article will inform you about the famous novel Laika to Tsuki to Nosferatu‘s storyline and how it resembles the political incident.

Do you know the name of the first astronaut who was a vampire girl? If you don’t have any idea, you can learn about the Japanese light novel series that features the vampire astronaut. The novel series is already famous among many people Worldwide. Famous Japanese writer Keisuke Makino writes the novel, and Karei Shogakukan illustrates it. The novel series has six volumes. Let’s know about the novel Laika To Tsuki to Nosferatu

The Plot

The plot of the novel starts with the end of World war 2. The world is divided into two blocks; in the East, the Federal Republic of Zirnitra is a dominating superpower in the East zone of the world. And in the western United Kingdom of Arnack is another dominating superpower. Now both the superpowers want to develop their strength in space. 

In 1960, the supreme leader Gergiev of the Republic Zirnitra announced the Space Flight Program Project. He ordered his comrades to start on these projects secretly. The project is called the Nosferatu project. 

What is Laika to Tsuki to Nosferatu

As per the story, the Republic of Zirnitra chooses some vampires to manage the space mission. Irina Luninesk was the primary test subject, and Lev was her mentor in this mission. They started continuous training and tried to adopt all the essential requirements for the space journey.

Now Irena had a dream, and that is she could watch the moon from outer space. And the story gets involved with many incidents in the novel. 

The Volumes

The novel series has six long volumes. The first volume was released on December 20, 2016, in Japan. The second volume was released of Laika to Tsuki to Nosferatu on April 18, 2017. 

The four volumes were released in 2018 (2 volumes), 2019 (volume 5) and 2021 (volume 6). 

The Vampire Girl Irena

Who was this, Irena Luminesk? In the novel, she is the main vampire girl who wants to go to space to see the outer world. In this novel, the writer made her character so emotionally. 

Everyone who watches the series can like vampire girl Irena. In the animated version of the story, Megumi Hayashibara voices this character. She was so fascinated by this vampire girl character. She disclosed in an interview. 

The Animated Version

The think of the animated part of Laika to Tsuki to Nosferatu novel started in 2020. In October 2021, Arvo Animation premiered the animated version of the book. It gets positive reviews from the viewers. 

Final Verdict

The novel gets many positive reviews from the audience. Many experts find some resemble the plot and storyline with the Cold War in the last decades, and they also see the similarity of the space war between two superpowers between USSR and the USA. But the political touch can’t change the morality and storytelling approach of the novel or the animated series. So it is successful among its readers and viewers in many countries. Laika to Tsuki to Nosferatu is one of the famous series in Japan and many other countries. You can also read the article

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