Lackt Reviews {March 2022} Is This A Legitimate Website?

In this post, we have determined the legitimacy of the Lackt online store by assessing its features, Lackt Reviews, highlights and site information.

With the advent of a new year comes the urge to redesign our homes and closets. People worldwide, especially in Germany, the United States and India, are looking for clothes and home decor items to revamp their lives and household. One such store is Lackt which provides a wide range of products.

We suggest readers first go through the Lackt Reviews before visiting the site or shopping from it. 

Brief on Lackt 

Lackt is an online shopping store with a wide selection of products, from clothes to toys. However, the site mentions that it specializes in print design on-demand products. We couldn’t find any print-on-demand design products on the site. 

Product Range of Lackt:

  • Sweaters
  • Jeans
  • Organizers
  • Garden Sheds
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Cabinets
  • Large Furniture
  • Bedding 
  • Bike
  • Home decor
  • Other items

Though the Lackt site has a good range of modern and contemporary furniture, electronics, and other items, we are skeptical about the site. So, it is better to determine Is Lackt Legit before buying stuff. And to assess its legitimacy, we will go through its features, highlights and technical site information. 

Features of Lackt:

  • Buy products at:
  • E-mail address:
  • Address: 6277 University Dr NW, Street 6, Huntsville, AL 35806, USA
  • Contact details: (256) 886-8213
  • Owner’s details: The online stores’ owner information is kept hidden, but we know it is based in the USA. 
  • Social media links: No social media accounts are linked to the Lackt website. Also, there are no social media mentions relating to the site. This point is very important to note in Lackt Reviews
  • Delivery Policy: They provide worldwide shipping within 14-22 days.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms: The online shopping store has both privacy policy & terms and conditions listed but plagiarized.  
  • Shipping: The Lackt site provides free shipping on orders over $50.01 and charges a $9.95 delivery fee for orders between $0 and $50.
  • Tracking of products: Not mentioned.
  • Cancellation and Returns: Customers can cancel orders within 24 hours. And they do not have any return policy. 
  • Refund: The Lackt store refunds complaints if customers do not get their orders within 60 days.
  • Payment mode: Accepts only PayPal. Customers can also pay using a debit/Credit card using PayPal. 

Lackt Reviews on Positive Highlight:

  • The site has a wide selection of products.
  • The online store sells modern design products.
  • Cancellation policy present.

Negative Highlight 

  • The Lackt site doesn’t have a return policy.
  • The product tracking process is not mentioned.
  • The products listed on the site are quite expensive.
  • The Lackt store only accepts PayPal. 

Is Lackt Scam or Legit:

  • Creation of Domain: The online shopping website was created on 31st October 2021. 
  • Website Age: The Lackt site is just 2 months and 3 days old. Therefore, the site is very new with low domain age. It is essential to consider this factor when determining Is Lackt Legit.
  • Website Expiry: The online store’s domain will expire on 31st October 2022. Thus the site has a very short domain life expectancy. 
  • Trustworthiness: The Lackt site has a trust score of 1% and zero Alexa Rank. 
  • Country of origin: The online shopping portal is based in the United States. 
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 27/100.
  • Data Safety: The shopping portal is secured using the HTTPS protocol, which is not always secure. 
  • Threat Profile: 69/100. 
  • Phishing Score: 61/100.
  • Malware Score: 64/100.
  • Spam Score: 69/100.
  • Social relations: The Lackt site has zero social media presence. 

Customer Review on Lackt

There are no Lackt Reviews found on the internet that customers wrote. There are no product reviews either. We could only find online reviews that mention the site as a potential scam. So, knowing about Credit Card Scams will be useful.

Neither social media reviews nor mentions have been found. Only YouTube reviews stating the site as a scam were discovered. Also, the store’s Alexa Site Ranking is not present.

Final Verdict 

The Lackt site is a potential scam with a low trust rank and short domain age. The site also has no social media presence and customers reviews. So, better avoid it. Such a Furniture  collection can mislead you. Also, avoid PayPal Scams as the site accepts only PayPal. 

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69 thoughts on “Lackt Reviews {March 2022} Is This A Legitimate Website?”

    • Hello DAVID H White, did you get any confirmation mail? If they are scammers, they will not send any information. So please be aware of them. If you feel doubtful, try for a refund. Please update here. Take care.

      • I 100% belive this company is a scam I ordered a dog kennel from them I had a question for them there web email address doesntwork and the phone number is not there number it belongs to someone else

    • Me to it just says I payed someone with PayPal but I used my credit card and I can’t track my item and have no info on it. So confused.

      • Hello Savanna, it’s horrible, no confirmation, no tracking number indicates it is doubtful they will dispatch the order. Please check if you get any updates, else try for a refund option. Let us know. Thanks & regards. Take care.

        • I saw the table and the price and just bought it. I had to pay through PayPal and never got an email from the company. Next morning and still no email. I called the company and there was no answer. I sent an email and never received a response. I opened a claim with PayPal and in a matter of hours I received a refund.

      • Hello James Roberts, It feels very sad. We can understand how you must be feeling. You have expressed your real feelings about losing the money. The scammers are here to grab the money. So be careful while you transact. We wish you get the tree before Christmas. Take care. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi David my name is Joy I had ordered a dog kennel from this company they never sent me a email to let me no that they got there payment or anytrackimg number to watch for the package I called the number they have on there website it’s belongs to a gentleman that informed me that that sight is a scam they have taken money from me and my mother and neither one of us got a confirmation on the order they are fake as fake can get they are useing other stores photos for there store you are photo chopped the photos

      • Hello Joyhudson, This are all common tricks, scammers use it everyday and tackle all cases. The scammers offer discounts, provide low quality products, earn huge money and disappear.

  1. Same happened to me. I ordered it online. I didn’t have any tracking information. They charged me money.
    Product is not arrived yet.

  2. I ordered an item and paid by credit card after the order was complete it said it will save my card info to make future orders easier and also said it was set up as PayPal. I didnt agree to ANY of that. They said I’d get an email with order details but never received one. I’ve called them numerous times only to get a recording saying this person is unavailable leave a message. I placed my order about 2 weeks ago. Amy M.F.

    • Hello Amy Mueller-Fernhout, thanks for the information. The scammers are smart and they use many tricks to cheat and disappear. We feel nervous, you have to struggle for this. Check for a refund option. Please drop the update. Thanks. Take care.

      • This has to be a scam. It list on their website where to ship the product if you are returning it. It says to send it to 9500 Suits US Dr, Bella Vista AR. I live by Bella Vista so I checked out that address and all it is is a tree covered lot with no building. So they apparently lied about this so I would doubt they are legit

          • I ordered from them about 2 weeks ago and I emailed them about my tracking info I just got a tracking number right now today but yeah it seems sketchy I think I might have gotten ripped we’ll see I mean I did get a tracking number but I can’t track it yet they said that it could take a couple of days till I can track it so that’s already suspicious

          • I placed my order for a small shed 22 days ago, I received confirmation and a tracking number and neither one means anything. Lesson learned, I hope karma comes back around to these scammers.

  3. Please avoid this company. I learned the hard way when I purchased an item. Accepted the card but no information was sent. I have been sending emails regarding the status of the order. I decided to cancel and want refund. They replied back stating unable to cancel, not refunding and order is on it’s way. I contacted them again with no response.
    I went through my credit union. Hopefully, they’re able to refund me the money back since I sent a cancelled and refund email and order was never delivered.

  4. glad for this website. They have an incredibly UNBELIEVABLE price on a small shed…. It sent flags up in my mind so I googled them.
    Sorry for the people they have scammed. I was scammed on Amazon with a Chinese EBike company and it always stinks to be taken. Lesson learned – and I am more diligent to research now.

  5. This place is 100% a scam. They have 2 different web sites (that we’ve found so far). the other being Between the 2 sites they have 3 different addresses associated to them and all 3 are vacant lots. I watched a video on YouTube about this company. They try selling a few home decor items. Also A scam. On the sites if you change the number of items y9ou’re buying the price stays the same.

    Yes a scam, needs to be reported to….. whom ever you report to.

  6. Thank you guys so so much I was getting ready to buy a rabbit hutch from them that has been like between $1500 and $2000 and they said they had it for $69 my husband and were really excited but I don’t ever jump on something that sounds to good with out really checking into things first…. Thank all of you again…

  7. I fell for it.

    I found a great price on car ramps. I made the purchase. Then I did the investigating. I was duped! I did my dispute with PayPal and immediately got my refund. Thank God for PayPal! Do NOT buy from! If you already did, don’t hesitate to dispute the transaction. PayPal helped immediately. is a scam!

  8. Hi. I purchased a table from Lackt and they gave me the wrong tracking number. However their website shows it was shipped from China in 9 days which is their own word. Long story short, they told me to check with a fam member or neighbor because, “they could’ve signed for it.” Is what the email read. I’m so confused. Why provide me with a false usps tracking number and tell me to wait 15 to 20 days for it to ship after I contacted you because you provided no shipping info? This is a scam and I need my money back as you promised on your website!

  9. Why are these postings not online for people to see up front? I googles to see legitimate or not and all it said as no info and newer company so I ordered a chair. Pay pal came back with some long Chinese payment address that was not Lackt so I became weary. I never got a receipt of order so I called them. It went to a guy in Hawaii that said they had somehow forwarded their number to his phone and he got calls all day. About never getting orders or a large furniture order and they got a t shirt, one got a toaster over, most got nothing. He said call your credit card company asap. I did and emailed their e-mail and told them to cancel they were a fraud with no way to contact. 5 days later I got an e-mail that had terrible grammar and just said the order was on the way thank you. I tried the number again and now they forward it to a google voice number that no one answers. They need to be shut down!

  10. I purchased a lift chair. What they say is true. If it is too good to be true, it is. I emailed them when I did not receive a confirmation of my purchase. I finally received a confirmation with a shipping confirmation. I tracked the shipment from China with the 17Track company. The company said the shipment arrived at JFK and was routed to the USPS distribution center in Queens. I was doubtful that the Postal Service would accept a shipment that large but I continued to follow the tracking as it was sent to Utah and my local post office. The item was supposedly delivered but I never received it. I contacted the company by email (the only method available) and included the shipping information provided by 17Track. I never received a response. I disputed the charge with my credit card company.

  11. Hi I just ordered a car seat from them 2 months ago they sent a tracking number and I got nothing in return. I should’ve did my research. I, along with my daughter was excited to order the mini mouse car seat, which I know now was a scam.

  12. How can I ask for refund cause I ordered something and no email tracking or anything !!! They took my money for sure I hate crooked people!!! I used my chime card and chime won’t help me none either!!

  13. Hello , everyone well i order from this site my self and the only thing is i got comformation info and a tracking number and all that so far when i track what i brought it seems to be getting here so will let yu now more when that time comes about and thanks. Tracy Nation

  14. My husband ordered a tool shed after reading what appeared to be legitimate reviews. We received the confirmation with tracking information. The item was being shipped from China. The price was very reasonable for the item and the reviews reflected positive experiences. So we took a chance. We waited 6 weeks. And not even kidding…we were shipped a pair of socks. The phone number on the site leads to a generic voicemail box, no mention of the company name or customer service line. He sent an email and received a generic, “thank you, we’ll be in touch…” response. It’s a shame that I will now be doing all the things I am doing now – POST falling victim to this scam – before ever ordering from an online company again. Like, calling the phone number on the website and looking up their address on Google Maps — which leads to what appears to be a vacant lot. I’m sticking to my local stores and well established companies.

    • Hi Harper, oh this is awful, the way they have scammed. It is our humble request that you should research properly the portal that you are going to try or deal with. Because the loss is always of user and scammers enjoy. Take care

  15. Don’t buy from this site we ordered two sheds back in February and still have not got nothing they supposedly sent it three times now still nothing reported them to BBB very unhappy

  16. I got a oven mit for the bed I ordered. I waited a whole month only to be disappointed. I was excited to receive the bed and it was only an oven mit. Called the contact number which is only a Google voice mail. Leave message only. Not a legit customer service number. Emailed a copy of the receipt and pictures of what came in the mail. Please don’t order from them. $65.99 was the price for the bed. Now I know with no response to the email it’s a scam. Sent receipt of email tried to log in to check order. Not registered Luke it was when I purchased. Didn’t go through PayPal either this was so disappointing. Please don’t order from them. No good reviews on anyone that ordered either.

  17. Lackt is a complete SCAM! I ordered a swing/slide for my granddaughters birthday after 3 weeks of waiting for the gift to arrive they sent me a pair of socks. A $50 pair of socks I don’t think so.
    I emailed them to get a refund but haven’t heard back!
    Now I’m sure I’m out the $50, have a pair of socks that look like someone’s already worn so I’ll be throwing those out and need to find my granddaughter a new play set.
    I couldn’t be more angry.
    Why! Why! Why would someone do that.
    They seemed fine to use bc they came up in a general search with companies like Amazon, Target, Ect. as well as had terms and conditions, refund policies.

    • Hello Pattie M., Please go through all comments. You will get some idea. Few buyers reached for a refund and got money back. You try this option because it seems they will not send any order.

  18. I bought a power lift recliner in return I received a shower cap and a sorry contact my local post office well first the post office would not even deliver something that size I just told them I want my money back we will see how that goes

      • I ordered a wardrobe on May 10, 2022.for $78.35 Got a tracking number, which I have been following for weeks. Supposedly it was being sent from Wuhan, China, as there was alot of Chinese writings. On June 2nd it was reported to be in Los Angeles, California, and on it’s way. I did receive a very small package from China with a small gray cloth vest. Tracking said this had been delivered to me, but it wasn’t the wardrobe I ordered and paid for. The supposed value on the best said $20, for underwear material. Then they say that they do not respond to emails. I will call the number given, but am not sure that this can be resolved. They claim you have to wait 60 days for a refund if you didn’t receive what you ordered. The price of the wardrobe was half the price at Walmart. Not sure if my credit union can track this purchase for me.

        • Hello Don Rowe, You did it right. Your payment company is the best option for a refund. Otherwise the buyers will lose money. Hope you get all your refund back. Please update the information. The buyers will be aware. Take care.

  19. Ordered an outside shed a month ago , received a tracker email for my product , it was shipped from china , at last got a flimsy child size plastic jacket . Emailed the company for a refund , still waiting for a response . Contacted my credit card company for a refund . What a scam .

    • Hello Kahn, seems most of the buyers are facing the same issue. Please be aware of such scammers. Keep updating about it, so the future buyers will be aware. All will save the money. Thank you. Take care.

  20. My husband also ordered a garden shed . Paid by credit card and received a email saying it would come 9-12 days. Didn’t hear from them so messaged and not a word. Called the number but was a person we didn’t know. Tonight my husband also was shipped a pair of socks!!!
    We really should have known better as the price was so cheap, lesson well learnt.

    • Hello Phillip Hackett, we appreciate your views on our blog and propose many readers got tricked by this questionable website. You need to further research that indicates the site’s authenticity. Stay safe!

  21. Yall scam me for my money after I did a complaint it never show up in they said they will reorder it never came don’t shop hear u will not get your stuff

  22. I ordered a sectional futon couch 4 months ago, they sent tracking number but I got a shower cap. After I paid $78.56 for it, never got it. They said they were going to refund my money, wanted to only refund 60 0/0 of it . I said no, send me $75. Keep the rest for the cheap shower cap. Still haven’t gotten my refund yet!!! I have every email between me and them.. so Im talking to a lawyer, and end up with more because of mental anguish. All they have to do is give back my money…


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