La Earthquake Prediction (Sep) Is This Real Or A Hoax?

Latest News La Earthquake Prediction

The post talks about La Earthquake Prediction and elaborates on facts and hoaxes.

Well, if you are from Los Angeles, United States, you would not be oblivion to the recent rumors about a possible Earthquake striking the city. The Earthquake is predicted to hit close to Thousand Oaks and posed Southern California.

However, a lot of obscurity about it still exists that has driven the public to search frantically on the internet about the situation. Thus, we bring you a detailed report that is thoroughly researched to get into the crux of the situation.

Read till the end to know more about La Earthquake Prediction and the news surrounding it.

What is The News About La Earthquake?

As per sources, an earthquake was predicted to hit the coast of Los Angeles. Herein, a 12-hour warning and a five-hour warning were issued by the Earthquake Prediction. However, even after 14 hours passed after the first earthquake warning and seven hours after the second warning, no earthquake was reported in the region.

The crux here is who spread the news and what is the relation between LA and Earthquakes? In the below section, we will highlight more about La Earthquake Prediction and other details.

Probability of Earthquake in Los Angeles

As per research and sources, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas are more susceptible to earthquakes considering the proximity to the seismic region. Furthermore, as per sources, research has predicted the probability of Earthquake in LA in the next 30 years is as follows:

  • There is a 60% chance of an Earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7
  • There is a 46% chance of an earthquake measuring 7 in magnitude
  • And there is 31% of an Earthquake with 7.5 magnitudes occurring in the Los Angeles region within the next 30 years.

Is La Earthquake Prediction True or Fake?

As per scientists from the United States Geological Service, scientists can’t predict when will a major earthquake occur. They further stated that they could only calculate the probability of an earthquake occurring in a particular area within a certain year.

A certain Luke Thomas Holmquist told the news about a significant Earthquake in LA, which scientists and press later derided about spreading false information. Furthermore, it is recommended to conducted research individually before spreading the news. Thus, after conducting in-depth research, we conclude that the La Earthquake Prediction was a hoax, and there is no truth.

Public Reaction

A certain viewer also claimed it to be likely a hoax and stated that interviews would be run on every channel if there was any truth.

The Final Verdict

Luke Thomas Holmquist, accused of spreading the hoax, was titled “Quake Quack” by the Bay Area blogs. As per scientists, it is impossible to predict when the earthquake will strike, time, and area. Instead, they can only calculate the probability of an earthquake occurring in the region within a specific number of years. Hence, they warn the public against such hoaxes by researching La Earthquake Prediction on the internet. Read more about the news here.

Do you know how a seismic activity is calculated? Do share with us your answers in the comments box below. Moreover, it is to be mentioned that we have taken the information from the internet and online sources.

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