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The guide shares details about a murder case to help people know the Kyle Craig Deadliest Catch.

Are you aware of the Ocean Springs man’s cause of death? The news confirms the dismissal of a 26 years old man who is murdered while purchasing an ATV at Holmes County.     

The news shocked many readers in the United States and Canada. As per the sources, the man was killed when he was at Holmes County buying ATV. Morgan Craig, the deceased’s sister, said that her brother was skilled in repairing and buying squads and the Kyle Craig Deadliest Catch came as a surprise.

What is Kyle Craig’s Death Cause?

The 26-year Kyle Craig was at Holmes County to purchase ATV, and he was regularly communicating with his sister. Kyle Craig preferred using a 360 App that helps family members know his location. 

Morgan Craig, the sister of Kyle Craig, said they started hunting for him after getting no responses for hours. His number was also switched off. As per the report, he talked to the supplier and reached Holmes County at 9.30 AM on Wednesday, and it was the very last she heard from him. The reason behind is dismissal is still unknown, but it seems to be a murder case, as per sources and reports.

What is the Kyle Craig Deadliest Catch?

A 26-year Ocean Springs man was killed at Holmes County in the morning. He was at Holmes County to purchase ATV, and his family members didn’t hear from his Craig since Thursday morning. They drove for approx. four hours to reach the very last map location shown in the 360 App. 

After reaching the location, Morgan’s fiancé found his body, and his father reached the location before the police arrived. The location is on the bypass close to the rest-stop at Holmes County. 

After the first report, the Kyle Craig Deadliest Catch was Montavius Landfell, who is wanted for the murder case of Kyle Craig. The local police also captured a person in relation with his death. 

The report also confirms that his Ram-2500 Pickup van of Kyle Craig is missing. But they found a trailer, and there were lots of holes caused by bullet shots, and all the things in the trailer was missing. 

What Did Morgan Craig Said?

After reaching the location, his sister Morgan Craig talked to the people, and many people came forth to share their experiences. According to Morgan, many people came and said that these people have been doing it for a long. They cheat innocent persons and steal all their belongings. 

After the Kyle Craig Deadliest Catch, the sheriff also said they were investigating further to find and arrest the prime accused of the murder case. Morgan added that she wanted justice for her brother. Craig has a newly born son. So, justice must be served. 


Every day a new case is registered, and recently, the murder case of Kyle Craig is trending and making all shocked. All his family members were mourning, and his sister was badly hit after the news. 

Everyone is eager to know the primary Kyle Craig Deadliest Catch and when the prime accused will be arrested to serve Kyle justice.          

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