Ky3 Closings (March 2022) Access & Find The List Here!

Read the following update to know about Ky3 Closings of schools’ reason and associated issues.

Do you know about digital news channels? Do you know about KY3? Do you know about the closing of schools in Springfield, Missouri? If the answer to all these questions is NO, then you are at the right place to get the required information.

The closing of schools in Springfield, Missouri, is currently trending in the United States. A virtual news channel has reported these closings through Ky3 Closings of schools. To get more information, follow in detail.

About KY3

It is KYTV, virtual channel 3. The channel is affiliated with an NBC-affiliated television station. The channel is licensed and based in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Gray Television which is based in Atlanta, is the owner of this television channel. The channel was first signed in 1953 and was the second channel to come into the Springfield market.

Currently, KYTV broadcasts around 26.5 hours of local news weekly, with programmes ranging from sports to weather. Further, the weather program was discontinued from December 31 2008, with the discontinuation of NBC Weather Plus. Then KYTV launched its own weather channel KY3 Weather Nation.

Current News About Ky3 School Closings Springfield MO

Currently, several schools were closed, albeit weather alarms of snowfall in the Missouri region, which also includes Springfield public school. As per the Twitter handle of KY3, the snowfall may be huge but enough to wreak havoc. Further, the advisory has been issued to be cautious and overpasses due to heavy snowfall.

A winter advisory has been issued for all Ozarks for Thursday and Friday. The snowfall is expected to range from 1-3 inches in some areas, while in some areas of northern counties, it is expected to range between 2-5 inches. 

Apart from news about Ky3 School Closings Springfield MO, other schools have also closed.

List of Schools Closed in Ozark Region

Organization Status Type
Alton Closed Friday Schools
Branson Closed Friday Schools
Bunker Closed Friday Schools
Chadwick Closed Friday AMI Day Schools
El Dorado Springs Head Start Closed Friday Schools
Evangel Closed Friday Schools
Forsyth Closed Friday Schools
Missouri State University Closed Fridayevents will continue unless otherwise noted. Schools
Osceola Closed FridayApril 18 will be Make up day. Schools
OTC-Springfield Closed Friday Classes moved to remote instruction. Schools
Roscoe Closed Friday Schools
Shell Knob Closed FridayAMI 3 Schools
Success Closed Friday Schools
Taneyville Closed Friday Schools
Viola Early Dismissal at 1:00PM Friday Schools
Warsaw Closed Friday Schools

The above list gives us information about Ky3 Closings of schools.


The weather report for many cities of the USA for March is full of snow, so the schools have been closed to avoid any mishappening. Some schools have retorted to digital classes to avoid any disruption in studies.

Today the Snowfall in Missouri is mainly expected in the early morning and evening. Saturday is also expected to be cold, while sunshine is expected on Sunday.

The reports about Ky3 Closings of schools are trending to help children avoid travelling in harsh snowfall conditions. For further weather-related details, you can refer to KY3 list of schools closed

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