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In this article, we will tell you the reality about Kuaron Harvey Full Video and share the complete story about the incident.

Do you know about two teenagers who had a fatal accident shooting a sibling and herself? What is the complete story behind the teenager’s murder-suicide case? A video of teenagers playing in a bathroom went viral where a girl killed a boy unintentionally and then killed herself. People are making different stories about the video and trying to break it on social media for viral content. 

The story belongs to the United States Saint Louis apartment where the incident occurred. Find out complete clarity about Kuaron Harvey Full Video trending on social media. 

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Reality Check 

The video viral on social media is of two teenagers, Paris Harvey, and Kuaron Harvey. The video is obtained from Instagram Live of the kids in the bathroom, where they both get in touch at the birthday party. It is visible in the Twitter video that both the cousins are playing in the bathroom. According to the family, they have no idea where they found the gun or who it belonged to. 

The police investigation report says both the kids were playing together with lethal weapons when suddenly the girl Paris shot her cousin Kuaron. Paris panicked, which resulted in shooting herself. 

Viral On Reddit 

People are vigorously talking about the incident on Reddit. People have different stories about the incident, but most Netizens are sharing condolences to the family of the lesser one. However, many people criticize the act and call it extortion by any white man. Everyone has different thoughts about the situation, but the investigation report clearly shows it was an accident. 

Kuaron Harvey Live Video

People are demanding a complete live video to see the full situation that went wrong that day. However, the social media links contain only a short clip when the girl shoots the boy. The before and after clips are unavailable on social media, but people are demanding to see the full Instagram live video. 

The incident took place during an Instagram live session where both cousins were talking and playing together. The complete video was available on social media earlier, but the Saint Louis police department took the video due to privacy violations and inappropriate content. 

Public Reaction 

People are creating reaction videos on Tiktok talking about the incident and sharing their opinion. However, the mother of Paris, Shanise Harvey, has nothing to say about the incident, but she is only grieving. 

In an interview, Paris’ mother said she had no idea about the gun and how those kids got it. Additionally, in the video, it is visible that Paris did not commit suicide. It was just another accident. Paris held the gun with the barrel and accidentally shot herself off. The news of the incident went viral on YouTube and other popular channels. People are in sorrow and pain because of the tragic death of teenagers. 

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Final Verdict 

Two teenagers died in March due to accidentally shooting themselves while playing with a gun. The video was recorded on Instagram Live and recently became popular on social media. People are making different stories of the incident, and instead of grieving, making it viral content. 

Do you think the girl shot herself by accident? Comment below. 

Kuaron Harvey Full Video: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of boy and girl?

The kids were teenagers: the boy named Kuaron Harvey was 14 years old, and the Girl named Paris Harvey was 12 years old. 

Q2 When did the incident take place?

The Accident took place on 25th March 23 on Friday around 2:00 a.m. 

Q3 Is there any dispute or fight between the cousins during the shootout?

As seen in the video, both the kids were playing with the gun and had no fight or argument, but suddenly, it led to a fatal accident. 

Q4 Who are the witnesses of the incident?

There were no family members in the bathroom while the incident took place, but some of their Instagram Live people have seen the non-intentional shooting. 

Q5 In which standard do Kuaron and Paris study?

Kuaron is the elder brother studying in 8th standard, and Paris Harvey is in 7th grade. 

Q6 Can you still find that video on Telegram

Yes, there are multiple clips and traces of the video on every social platform. 

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