Kuahl Reviews {Aug} Is This A Scam Website Or A Legit?

The article Kuahl reviews provides unbiased information about the website along with its technical determinants to prove its legit nature.

Are you looking for décor items? Looking for some affordable home appliances? Everyone in the United States and around the world loves a good website where they have a wide range of products.

Read the article here to find out about a website that sells a wide range of products, from home appliances to Halloween decoration items. We will talk about the site’s specifications, merits, demerits, and legitimacy here in Kuahl Reviews.

About The Website

Kuahl is a website selling a variety of different products online. The main objective of this e-commerce site is to sell affordable products so that even poor people can buy them. They claim to provide the customer with products in an affordable range. Moreover, this website provides secure shopping too.

Their budget-friendly products are

  • Stainless steel percolator from Hamilton 
  • Cup storage rack from mind reader 
  • Coffee/tea plunger form BergHOFF 
  • Electric milk frother 
  • Coffee maker 
  • Household items like tools holder, trimmer, etc 
  • Decorative products 


It is always mandated to know, Is Kuahl Legit because the current digital world has become the homage to opportunities and malware, so we must identify the malware or scam websites. These specifications help us to know about that legit nature.

  • Customers can buy at: https://kuahl.com/
  • Email address: support@kuahl.com
  • Telephone number : 470-207-0246 , +1 -877-313-5090
  • Address details: 4166 Buford Hwy NE Atlanta, GA 30345-1018.
  • Social media activity: they have displayed the icons of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but their links are not working. So it denotes that they are inactive on social media.
  • Privacy policy: they have given elaborative details about their privacy policy 
  • Kuahl Reviews: customer reviews are unavailable 
  • Shipping policy: free shipping charges for united states people but only for standard delivery. Because standard delivery usually takes 3 to 5 days to deliver, but express delivery only takes 2 days, people have to pay for the express delivery.
  • Return policy: people should return the product within 30 days of delivery, and while returning, customers should provide the manual and warranty card of that product.
  • Refund policy: the eligible returned products will have their refunds. Depending on the refund methods, the refunding days will vary.
  • Payment options: PayPal and card facility 

Kuahl Reviews are unobtainable, but the website looks like a simple one, but it sells so many items. So we have to analyze its true nature thoroughly.

Positive points

  • Affordable price ranges. So even people with limited financial resources can purchase these excellent electronic appliances.
  •  Free standard delivery for all purchases.
  • A detailed product description along with the warranty details is provided. 

Negative points

  • They have not announced any offers of their products
  • They sell nearly a thousand products, but they haven’t sorted them under different categories, so it is difficult to find each product.

Legitimacy assessment

Is Kuahl Legit? We need to perform the most vital examination to prove its legit nature. That is a determination of the technical parameters of the Kuahl website.

  • Domain age: the kuahl website was created on 17/09/2020. the age of the domain is nearly 2 years 
  • Domain expiry date: the website will expire on 17/09/2022, with only a month left 
  • Registrar’s name: the website got registered under Namecheap .inc 
  • Data safety: HTTPS and SSL certificate is detected; they are using 256-bit SSL certificate to protect the customer’s data 
  • Trust index: 45 %, an average score.
  • customer reviews: Kuahl Reviews are absent from their official website 
  • SEO Score: 71
  • Global Alexa ranking: 1701523
  • Plagiarism content:  their content is 12 % plagiarized 
  • Company name : Kuahl Home Supply

Summary of reviews

They are selling nearly a thousand products, but we couldn’t find any reviews for any of the products. They also have a separate category called “Best Sellers.” Even in the best section column, we couldn’t find any customer reviews or ratings. 

This website is nearly 2 years old but still hasn’t gotten any reviews. It is, therefore, difficult to confirm its legit nature. Readers can also check out the Credit Card Scams Article.


Thus, the article Kuahl Reviews presented a holistic view of this website. We could not confirm the legit nature of the website because it has scored a decent trust score with unique content and a good SEO score. 

But we couldn’t find any reviews for their products. Though it is a 2-year-old website, it fails to get a single review from its customers. Readers can also read about PayPal scamming article. So, the website might not be a legit one. For more information.  

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