Ksfy Radar {Aug} Know About The Ksfy-Tv And More!

This article will read about South Dakota’s popular news channel KSFY TV and learn about Ksfy Radar.

Do you stay in Sioux Falls, South Dakota? Which broadcast channel do you follow there? We often follow local news, weather report, and upcoming events for the latest update. In addition, we get each information today on the news and other social media channels.

 You must be thinking about why we are saying about broadcasting, news, etc. Well, this is because we are going to talk about the popular virtual digital channel 13, South Dakota, United States. We will see about Ksfy Radar but firstly, check KSFY-TV.


It is a virtual, Very High-Frequency digital channel 13, owned by Gray Television, as a part of a duopoly (where two or more stations share common ownership). It is a dual ABC/CW+ affiliated television station licensed to South Dakota with NBC affiliate KDLT channel 46. 

KSFY continues to broadcast during the nighttime hours, from 2:05 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. on Saturday evenings and early Sunday mornings. Currently, KSFY airs for more than 15hours of local newscasts every week, including approximately 3 hours on weekdays and one hour on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Ksfy Radar: Let us see the journey

It was the first time broadcasted on July 31, 1960, but with other names, i.e., KSOO TV in Sioux Falls. From 1960 to 1969, it is operated in the eastern portion while KORN TV (now as KDLT TV) served the western portion of the same area. 

KSOO was closed down in 1973, but in 1974, Forum Publishing Company purchased the television stations and changed to the current KSFY and KABY. KSFY switched affiliations with channel 5 in September 1983 and became an ABC affiliate.

In July 2006, Hoak Media purchased KSFY TV and Ksfy Radar stations. Hoak announced the sale of most of its stations, including KSFY, to Gray Television on November 20, 2013. While on June 13, 2014, the whole process came to an end.

KSFY and KDLT amalgamated their news operations on January 13, 2020, following the purchase of KDLT, and branded as Dakota News Now.


KSFY was nominated for various Midwest Emmy Awards for its excellence in television. Also, we have seen this broadcast channel has made a significant impact in covering all the regional areas in South Dakota. 

In addition, Ksfy Radar stations cover National Radar Loop, ATX Seattle, LGX Langley Hill, RX Portland, OTX Spokane, PDT Pendleton, MAX Medford, etc.

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