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Hello, readers; In this article, we are going to talk about the Mirror Band, which had to cancel its Hong Kong concert. Dear readers, are you aware of the news that the band Cancelled a concert on July 28 because a big monitor fell on the dancer?

The Kpop Concert Accident is not a new thing because a similar incident took place with 33-year-old band member Frankie Chan on July 26. The band can go on a world tour except the Philippines, in the United States

Brief about the incident

The famous K-pop band Mirror member got injured because a video screen hanging over the head of the performers for recording purposes broke suddenly. After this, the show was halted, and the injured people, including two female dancers, were admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It happened due to a technical fault.  

How to Go to a Kpop Concert? 

If you want to join the K-pop concert, go to the official website of the k-pop concert and check; Is the band performing in your country? Click on the ticket for the concert and book your ticket.  In case, you have missed the concert in your local city, then you can email the sponsors or the ticket sellers in your area. They will arrange a ticket for you. 

The other way is that you can keep an eye on the news about their concerts. Once you hear that they are coming to your city, you can join the concert without any problem. However, after the Kpop Concert Accident, the fans are scared, and the team is on rest because of injuries. So, we cannot expect the next show very soon. 

As shown in the video footage of the accident, three players got stuck in a large TV screen after it collapsed. They were injured and many other staff members were also injured. As per online sources, the injuries to the injured were not that serious except for one.  

According to the Hospital Authority Spokesperson, one female dancer was in a serious condition due to neck injuries, and the others were stable. 

The order of Investigation into the Kpop Concert Accident, has been delivered to the police department by Hong Kong’s Chief Executive John Lee. So, fans pray for their fast recovery to watch them again on the stage. 

FAQs –

Q.1 What is K-pop?

A.1 It is the cantopop boy group of Hong Kong. 

Q.2 How many are there in the K-pop group?

A.2 There are twelve members of the K-pop Group. 

Conclusion –

The popular band of Hong Kong Mirror cancelled its 28 July concert due to an unforeseen accident. For more information on Kpop Concert Accident, please, got through the following link for accident detail Do you know about this incident? Please, share your valuable views with us. 

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