Kokobrand Reviews {Aug} Is This A Legit Website Or Not?

If you have any dilemmas about this site or not, you can check our Kokobrand Reviews first before shopping from the site.

Do you buy jewellery from an online shop? Recently we came across a website that is offering a jewellery collection. They have a vast array of their jewellery. This website is called Kokobrand. It only offers jewellery. 

It has gained popularity in the United States. But is this website a legitimate site? We are here to find out that answer via our Kokobrand Reviews. So, if you find the products very pretty, going through our reviews will let you not get scammed from any fake websites. So, read the article.

Introduction of the Kokobrand Website

Kokobrand is an online store that deals in jewellery. They offer earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles, chokers, etc. Besides jewellery, they also offer bags, purses and vests. Their pieces of jewellery are very eye-catching as they are unique. They seem different in style and design. 

Their products have got a mix of modernism and traditional style. And this website also has a unique name. But this website has not provided any company information, and the site’s domain age is unavailable. Also, there is no discount on their products. Next, we will take to the specifications of this website, where you get closer to finding out whether Is Kokobrand Legit or not.

Specifications Regarding The Kokobrand Website

  • Domain Creation Date-The domain creation date is not available anywhere.
  • Method of Payment- Amount can be paid via credit card, debit card, Bizum and Paypal.
  • Newsletter- The newsletter option is not available on their site.
  • Products Offered-Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bags, vest etc.
  • Return Policy-You have to email them before returning your product.
  • Refund Policy-This information is unavailable.
  • Exchange Policy-Exchange policy details have not been provided.
  • Email Id- connect via info@kokobrand.es.
  • Contact Number- Their contact number is not available.
  • The physical Address-Website does not have an address.
  • Website Link- https://kokobrand.es/
  • Shipping Timing- Know via Kokobrand Reviews that You can receive your products within 2-3 days.

Let’s find out the website’s positive and negative aspects, which is necessary to know about its legitimacy.

Positive Aspects of Kokobrand

  • The website has many unique collections of jewellery.
  • The website is protected by the HTTPS protocol and the SSL integration.
  • One social media account is available.
  • The website has the same Url and Portal names, which is a good sign.

Negative Aspects of Kokobrand

  • The website has very few payment options, which is a poor sign.
  • They have not given any discounts.
  • There is no newsletter option available.
  • Not a single customer review is available.
  • They have not given their full contact details, which is a website con.
  • The website’s owner details have not been revealed.

Is Kokobrand Legit? Or A Scam

We will now discuss the parameters with the help of which we can determine the site’s legitimacy.

  • Policies-Almost all policies are present.
  • Address Authenticity-Website hasn’t given the address details.
  • Owner Details-The owner information is hidden.
  • Trust Score-Website has scored only 60%, which is not good.
  • Trust Rank-The trust ranking is not available.
  • Content Quality- The term and condition content is 97% copied from another site.
  • Social Media Platforms-Website is active on only Instagram.
  • Domain Registration Date- The registration date has not been published anywhere.
  • Expiry Date: Find out via Kokobrand Reviews that their expiry date also couldn’t be found anywhere.
  • Discounts-Discounts are not available, and that is not very appealing.
  • Customer Reviews-Not, a single customer, has reviewed this website.

Customer Reviews

After doing thorough research, we were unable to find any customer reviews. There is not a single customer who has commented on this website. There are no reviews available on any regular sites as well. 

Apart from there are no article-based reviews or any evaluations available. And there are only one or two comments public on their social media account. If you ate interested to know steps for refund via PayPal, read details via the Kokobrand Reviews post.


After our previous discussion, we know that the website’s domain age is unavailable. It has no owner but is socially active on popular media such as Instagram with over 9k followers. But unfortunately, it has not gained any customer reviews. So, this website can be called a suspicious site. Or you can also wait to get future updates. If you are interested to know the process of refund via credit card, read here via Kokobrand Reviews.

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