All You Need to Know about E-bike Maintenance

Electric bikes are now becoming the best option for commuting, as they can navigate through different routes. To keep your ebike working smoothly, it needs regular maintenance to prevent break failures and costly repairs. You should consider the moving components and other electrical parts properly as they are crucial for efficiency.

However, it will be heartbreaking if, after spending so much money on buying a new e-bike, you can’t enjoy it to the maximum due to wear and tear. The maintenance of your electric bicycle shouldn’t begin when it develops faults but at the time of your purchase. Regular care would keep your e-bike in good condition after many years of usage.

If you decide to sell your bike afterward, you will make a profit since it’s still in good condition. This article provides you with the necessary information on how you ought to maintain your electric bicycle

Electric bike maintenance

Just like traditional bicycles, your ebikes need regular maintenance for the most out of them. Here are some ways to take proper care of your electric commuter bike:

Keep your tires inflated

Before going riding, check your tires for punctures and pressure levels. Many bikers are oblivious that sharp objects like nails can puncture their tires. An underinflated can reduce the lifespan of your batteries. It’s advisable to have a pressure gauge and pump to ride on the required range. Using a pump is an excellent way to detect and repair tire faults.

Regular cleaning of your e-bike frame 

As you cycle, try cleaning your frame. Use soapy water and a soft brush to wash off dust and dirt. Afterward, rinse gently to avoid scratches on your frame. There is a high tendency that it would be dirty. The longer soilings remain on your electric bike, the more it damages the paint and makes it prone to rusting. 

Lubricate and clean your bike chains

The chain is an essential component of the drive system that, if neglected, can result in your e-bike knocking out. You want to avoid being on a ride when your bike suddenly stops and you have to walk to your destination. To prevent chains problem, clean and lubricate them often. While applying lubricate on your chains, avoid parts like the brake disc and brake pad. Try removing extra lubricant from other parts of the wheel with a dry cloth. Also, if the dirt on your wheels isn’t clean for an extended period, they may likely rust. Dirts will cause damage to the cassette and chaining.

Invest in high-grade brake pads 

Your ebike pads play a considerable part in your safety. Although brake pads are replaceable, you must also ensure an effective working brake system. Moreover, the type of brake pads determines the maintenance level required. You must understand how to identify the type of brake pads and the amount of wear on a brake pad.

Get professional help

It’s often best to consult a professional or manufacturer for repairs when your e-bike develops a fault. KBO bikes have a two-year warranty on their electric bike. During this period, the repairs of the components of your ebike are at zero cost. However, the warranty doesn’t cover specific conditions like damage due to an accident or scratches.

Maximize your Battery Range

The battery is a critical part of an e-bike that and it needs maintenance. As the battery capacity determines how far you go. The following are some essential things that can improve your battery’s efficiency:  

  • Charging: 

The batteries should be charged at least once every two months to stay operational. When you purchase a KBO bike, you would require little maintenance as its Lithium-ion batteries are durable. Your batteries should be charged at room temperature, and ensure you keep them from being discharged or charged.

  • Cleaning:  

Before you clean your batteries, remove them from your ebike. Ensure you thoroughly clean it with a moist cloth. Moreover, you don’t need to apply anything else if your batteries have excessive dirt, as the batteries have durable cases. Furthermore, ensure you don’t use water to clean your batteries or any other electrical components; this may lead to damage.

  • Storage: 

The way you store your batteries affects their lifespan. When you cycle in the cold regularly, it’s good to cover your batteries with protective covers. It’s not advisable not to store an empty battery in a cold environment; this can make your batteries unstable, causing a discharge. Ensure you keep your batteries in at room temperature. While in summer, put your batteries away from sunlight. Cold and hot temperatures can drain your batteries. It would be best if you stored them in a warm place. 

  • Riding assists: 

Setting your ebike on Eco mode or the lowest ebike assist level extends your battery’s life span. However, during the winter, there are better settings for your ebike’s efficiency than eco mode. The battery’s discharge current would warm itself in high-assistance mode during the cold weather.

  • Charge batteries with original chargers: 

It would be best if you charged your batteries with their original chargers for better battery efficiency. When using unapproved chargers, you risk shortening battery life and, in certain situations, endangering your safety if your battery is incompatible with the charger. While charging at higher currents would complete the process more quickly, doing so at a rate that exceeds what the battery’s maker has recommended could shorten its lifespan.


Proper e-bike maintenance is the only way to keep your bike from developing faults. It would help if you made a habit of cleaning your bike regularly. You can keep your bike running for years with simple maintenance. These small daily efforts add up as they will keep your ebike in good shape for a long time. Ensure you properly dispose of the batteries when they end their useful life. Depending on the type of battery, you can take it to a local recycler of batteries or electronics, who will take care to take it apart and recycle it sustainably and environmentally.

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