Kiwico Com Reviews {Dec} Is This A Legitimate Website?

The following research on Kiwico com Reviews will help you to judge and know its reliability and accuracy.

Problems are a part of life, and it helps make us learn something new. Tackling a problem makes our problems solving ability stronger. A store named Kiwico com in the United States helps in building problems solving capacity from a young age. 

But before saying anything, you must know about Kiwico com Reviews, so that people who are not aware of this store can know a lot more information on this website and then only they can order from this store.

Brief of Kiwico com

Kiwico com is an online store that deals in such products that enhance the child’s problem-solving and learning capabilities at their learning age. A child starts learning when he is newly born, and he keeps on learning new things daily in a different manner. This store has products like:

  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Science projects
  • DIY projects
  • Cooking recipes for kids
  • Crates like Kiwi, panda, maker, koala, yummy are available.

All these products are helpful during the learning age of a kid. Is Kiwico com Legit? This is a crucial interrogation to be answered before recommending any buyer purchase from this website. Every parent in this world wants their child to be more logical and practical. To improve their abilities on several grounds, you can check items from this store. The store really offers skill-enhancing products, and you buy things for newly born babies to children aged 16+.

Features of kiwico com

  • Buy cooking recipes from
  • E-mail address:
  • Address: 140 E Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041
  • No phone number was found on their layout.
  • We could find mixed Kiwico com Reviews on the layout of this website. And also, we would like to share that we could find mixed reviews on other sites.
  • No relevant information was found regarding the Refund/return policy.
  • Shipping policy:
  • Free UPS Regular Shipping (takes 3-10 business days) 
  • USPS Rush Shipping (takes 2-5 business days)
  • UPS shipping (takes two business days)
  • Payment options were not mentioned.

Positive highlights

  • Official pages are found on social media with a good fan following.
  • Positive feedback and ratings were there on the website.
  • E-mail and address details were mentioned.

Negative Highlights

  • Policies like return and refund were not mentioned properly.
  • The phone number was not available.

Is Kiwico com Legit?

We discussed all the details about this store, but this is the main section where you will find the legitimate details. They have multiple good collections, but this doesn’t mean safety and security. To judge its accuracy, you must read the following details:

  • Domain life expectancy: 1st June 2014 is the creation date of more than six years.
  • Registrar:, LLC is the registrar which we found on sources.
  • Trust Score: the website has a wonderful trust index of 96% means it is a trustworthy and secure site.
  • Social connections: official pages with good fan following were found on social media.
  • Shopper’s feedback: we found positive Kiwico com Reviews on their layout with such a wonderful rating making this site trustworthy.
  • Missing information: some details like the phone number were missing from the layout.
  • Privacy policy: all the legal policies were appropriate, but the return or refund policy was not mentioned clearly.
  • Alexa Rank: it is a popular site with good customer interaction. It has got a good ranking as per Alexa.

We ensure that these details are searched from legitimate sources and will help you get involved from any traps. Beware of such fraudsters who aim to manipulate and mislead the shoppers.

Kiwico com Reviews

We found a lot of information like their company’s e-mail address and location, but we could not find the telephone number of this store. There are official pages that we found on the social platforms, and there was a good fam following. Also, we found 4.7 rating stars on their official website. This means that many customers loved the services and products of this store. We found some mixed reviews on other sites also.

It got good popularity as per Alexa Rank, which means many customers showed interest in their collections. If you want to save yourself from credit card scams, please go through our post.

Final Summary

Based on Kiwico com Reviews, we could find that the life expectancy of this store is quite long that is more than six years. And it could be trusted as they have a good trust index which is appreciable. For complete information of its product, please visit its official website  

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