Kissy Missy Playtime {March 2022} Read Complete Game Details!

Here is everything you need to know about Kissy Missy Playtime? Explore the playtime, read this wholesome article.

Do you still adore the doll games? It might have been a lifetime since you have played with dolls, but you could still feel something for them in your heart. One such doll game, which became immensely popular in the United States, is Kissy Missy Playtime. Let us discuss the nitty-gritty of the game here in this article. 

What is Kissy Missy?

Kissy Missy is a set of precarious dolls that can move, sing, tickle its feel, and move its belly. It seems like a real-time human-simulation experience where you can make the doll behave in a human-like manner. You can place a pacifier in the mouth of the doll before making it sleep, touch its body to find out where it is ticklish, and feed it when she is hungry. Once the game is finished, she asks the mommy for her bottle. 

Pretend to feed her until she is full and ready for burping time. Kissy Missy Playtime is nothing short of a miracle for children who feel like owning a human in their arms. She even lets you know when she is tired and wants to retire to bed. The game is suitable to be played for children above two years of age. All major sellers of the doll set claim that she opens and closes her eyes as her head moves like a real baby. Many Kissy Missy dolls talk and sing with them. This abounds for the children an experience of a lifetime. 

Sellers of Kissy Missy and Reviews

This tickle game is majorly played in every household. The most famous Kissy Missy Playtime is made by JC Toys. The size commonly purchased is 15″/38 cm tall, and the complete set includes the doll, outfit and hat, extra bedtime outfit, pacifier, and one bottle. The batteries are 3* AA 1.5V. There are some other sellers and configurations as well. 

The reviews generally show a strong inclination of parents and children towards the doll. It has received huge love and is becoming a customary playtime in many households. According to data and informal estimates, more than 80 percent of buyers have recommended this product as a suitable buy. 

Kissy Missy Playtime: Worth Buying?

From what we have said above, it is quite clear that if you have a child who loves dolls’ playtime or you are a parent who wishes to make them explore it, then you should go for this playtime. The rising popularity speaks volumes about the increasing attraction of Kissy Missy sets around the United States. Amazon and Walmart purchases have also increased recently and are showing an upward trend. 


Kissy Missy is a ticklish playtime for children and feels like a real-time human simulation. The popularity of the game is on an upward trend and shows strong positives for buying it. To know more, please see the Real Kissy Missy YouTube video rg.

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