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Do you know why Kim Kardashian was mourning Brandon Bernard? She was seen mourning Bernard, who was executed on Thursday in the United States despite his lawyer’s last-minute appeals filed in the court. 

The Associated Press reported at 9.27 PM last Thursday that Brandon Bernard was dead. Soon after the report, the actress cum singer took social media to share her thoughts. The worldwide fans are concerned and want to know about the Kim Kardashian Brandon Bernard how they are related. 

All About the Matter!

Kim Kardashian got frenzied after speaking to the death row inmate Brandon Bernard before he was taken for execution in the Kardashian’s latest episode. She was full of emotions when she spoke with him on the phone, and she started crying after knowing about his execution.

Kim was the final person who talked to Brandon Bernard before his execution. Kardashian discusses the things in the latest episodes and sheds light on the case. She also shared the final words that she exchanged with Bernard. She took social media to express her feelings, and her worldwide fans want to go deeper to explore more details. 

What Did Brandon Bernard Do?

According to the latest episodes of the reality show, Brandon Bernard was convicted for a crime involving robbery and double killing in Texas and was committed in 1999. However, after years of trials, it is not proven that Bernard was the mastermind behind the crime.

Besides, his lawyer also proved and argued that the persecutors in their trial suspended the eyewitness who confirmed his low position of Bernard in the crime. But, the court denied it and said that the eyewitness contribution was not sufficient to challenge Bernard’s death sentence.     Finally, he was executed on Thursday, making him the 9th Federal Prisoner who was executed after a trial. The Kim Kardashian Brandon Case will be closed after that.

What were Brandon’s Last Words with Kim Kardashian?

Brandon Bernard was convicted for a crime committed in 1999, involving a double killing case of Stacie and Todd and robbery. Brandon was on death row until he was executed in Dec 2020. The victim’s final words were recorded for a Hulu series, and the conversation was between Kim Kardashian and Brandon Bernard.

Kim Kardashian said she had a healthy conversation with Brandon, and she got to know him in his last days. She got emotional while talking with the Kim Kardashian Death Row mate, Brandon Bernard. Finally, she said that she failed to stop his execution as the system is very weak and broken, but she will put her efforts into helping the other death row mates. 

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The Kardashians are the new series on Hulu. In the latest episode, there is a scene that recalls the conversation between Kim Kardashian and Brandon Bernard, who was convicted of a crime and finally executed in Dec 2020. 

After the episode, many fans started searching for the Kim Kardashian Brandon Bernard conversation, which is trending on social media. You may read the Threads online for more details.  

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