Kid Rock Assistant Accident {Feb} Find What’s Happen!

We have talked about the Kid Rock Assistant Accident and how & where the accident happened in this post.

Are you a fan of Kid Rock? Do you know about the brutal accident of Kid Rock’s assistant, which killed his assistant? Want to know more? If yes, tune into the post. 

The death of Kid Rock Assistant was very disheartening for the rap artist. People in the west, especially in the United States and Canada, are looking for more information on the accident. So, in this post, we will talk about what happened to Kid Rock’s assistant and how the Kid Rock Assistant Accident took place.

Who is Kid Rock? 

Kid Rock, a.k.a Robert Ritchie, is a musician, composer, and rap artist from the United States. His music is a mix of punk, rap music, country, hip-hop & hard rock. Rock is a self-taught artist who plays all of the instruments in his backup band & produced many albums.

 Kid Rock began his professional musical career as a rap artist turned DJ, recording Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, his first album. His following indie albums helped him create more unique music, which he finally realized on his breakout record Devil Without Cause, which managed to sell 14 million copies worldwide.

Before knowing how Kid Rock Assistant Accident took place, let us discuss what happened to him. 

What Happened To Kid Rock’s Assistant?

Kid Rock Assistant named Micheal Sacha, who was 30 years at the time of death, was found dead in an incident within the property of Kid Rock on 24th April 2016. As per various reports, police have classified the incident as accidental.

According to a press statement, the accident occurred when Sacha took two individuals down the pavement at midnight to join an Uber vehicle. Sacha was driving the ATV down to Kid Rock’s House when he crashed, and the accident took place, leading to his death.

How Did Kid Rock Assistant Accident Happen?

As per a previously published health examiner’s assessment, Micheal Sacha, artist Kid Rock assistant, was at more than double the maximum drinking limit, for drivers in the US, at the time of his death in the ATV accident.

Michael had an alcohol concentration of over 0.2 per cent in his blood at the moment of his accident, according to the investigation, while the official legal limit while driving in the US state of Tennessee is less than 0.08 per cent.

How Did Kid Rock React to His Assistant’s Death?

The famous rap artist and top-selling musician addressed on his website regarding Kid Rock Assistant Accident that he is heartbroken to learn that his assistant Micheal Sacha was dead in an ATV crash in Nashville. He continued that Sacha was a part of his family and among the most amazing young people he had worked with and known. He also shares his condolences with his family. 


The death of celebrity assistant Micheal Sacha was very disheartening for both his family and Kid Rock, who was not only the boss to Sacha but also a friend. Visit this website to learn more.

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