Kicoro Reviews {June} Is This Website Scam Or Not?

Kicoro Online Website Reviews

Here is information for you that helps you out and also provides you user’s Kicoro Reviews.

Would you like to purchase sports items online? Nowadays, every person believes in having their own sports items like outdoor, indoors, water sports etc., as many different things are available online at ither places for example the United States. So you can go through it online and get a chance to buy according to your choice.

We are connecting with you a podium Kicoro that claims the best variety of many sport items. But for the in-depth information, you must click on the URL of the website and try to read shopper’s Kicoro Reviews.

About The Kicoro

Kicoro offers items for people who loves sports like indoor sports, outdoor sports, and many more. The prices are not too high; it’s affordable so you can try it once after research. It claims a satisfaction guarantee and free shipping worldwide, including in the United States

The website is also claiming the 30 days money-back guarantee. For more details, visit the website and learn extra features. When going through online shopping, we must know the portal reality: Is Kicoro Legit and Scam?

Features For Kicoro 

  • The company, i.e.,, gives the email address. So you can ask any query.
  • The Link of the podium is
  • Address of the company is visible for more information, i.e., 2834 North- Harper- Terrace, Illinois- 61604- US.
  • It has also shared the Working Days/Hours, i.e., Mon – Fri / 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
  • Here you can buy the products related to outdoor, indoor, water sports and many other items.
  • Twitter, Facebook, etc., are entirely blanked as no pages are available, so no activity exists.
  • It accepts the payment online through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovers in USD only. 
  • No users wrote Kicoro Reviews on the website and also not even on the trust pilot.
  • The contact number has not been mentioned, so the call is not possible here.
  • It has mentioned the duration of return and refund within thirty days after receiving.
  • The website is entirely safe and claims secure payment.

The Favorable Features Of Kicoro

  • All the connecting mediums like physical address and email support are extant except the phone number so you can get the response.
  • Several payment methods are available here, so you must face difficulty in payment.
  • It offers the product guarantee and also other policy points available.

The Nonfavourable Features Of Kicoro?

  • Customers have not shared any Kicoro Reviews anywhere, so it is typical to verify the website.
  • No traffic, no popularity, no publicity on the social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc., as no pages extend there.
  • It has mentioned the company address that misguided us as not showing on the google map.
  • The prices of the items are very unrealistic, and too less. Thus, it creates a suspicion.
  • The interface of the site is also very messy and unattractive.

Is Kicoro Legit and Scam?

  • On 18/04/2022, the portal launched, so it’s new in the online era.
  • On 18/04/2023, it will be closed, which means just next year.
  • The website has a low trust rank, i.e., only 14.6 upon 100, which is considered horrible.
  • On the internet, it is gripping the trust index, i.e.,
  • You cannot read a user’s thoughts as no reviews are found on the trust pilot or the website.
  • There are no pages visible on social media, no traffic anywhere.
  • The content on the portal is entirely copied from another website, so be careful.
  • We failed to find the founder’s information.

The website is considered dubious; you have to wait for the feedback, and next, try to reach all significant aspects before shopping.

User’s Kicoro Reviews

Kicoro serves the services for sports lovers as many items are present for those who want to buy water sports products at a very reasonable price. In online shopping, only shopper’s feedback can give points about website reality, so we wanted to reach on some trust worthy portal like trust pilot etc. but no lines extant anywhere, so hard to conclude it. First, you must make sure that how can you protect money from credit card scams.

Final Verdicts

Finally, we got some lines like new domain age, bad trust index, no shopper’s Kicoro Reviews, sports related items, no social networking activities, online payment accepted etc. You must know about the links that can secure you from paypal.

Do you have any items from Kicoro? Please mention your experience in the below section.

8 thoughts on “Kicoro Reviews {June} Is This Website Scam Or Not?

  1. I ordered the dewalt bluetooth speaker. Still hasn’t shipped tried to contact support and email was undeliverable several times. Contacted and haven’t heard a word from them either. Pretty sure I got scammed.

    1. Hi JAMES L SUMNER JR, We always warn our readers from various scam websites to avoid losing their money. It is alarming and hurting if someone loses funds with a scam website, especially jewelry shops online. Keep on reading here and stay alert about the inferior quality products. Stay safe!

  2. I believe it to be a big fat SCAM!! I myself did try to order something from that website and found a little discouraging things in there after I ordered the what I ordered. You cannot go back in and put your email address in or anything ,actually it will not even take your email address.
    I went and looked it up on my bank statement and it shows sq* Vent Technology. I’m still doing some looking into it more myself. IT IS A SCAM!!!

  3. I paid for a moped. Never got it. The cost was low I know, but I thought it was maybe a sell they had it special. IAM so disappointed . It was for my nephew to get back n firth to work. IAM pissed I just want my money back. I’m poor and that sucks!!!!

  4. I THOUGHT I had purchased a Dremel. I’ve been waiting on it for 3 weeks now. I also ran a background check on the address they are listed under and it’s a residential home with multiple occupants. Upon purchase it used Square for my order which I thought was odd anyhow. And all that one of the above claimants had endured with this site I did as well. SCAM.

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