Kickmee Reviews {June} Another Scam Site or Legit One?

Kickmee Reviews {June} Another Scam Site or Legit One? >> Read the full article to know if this website is legit or not so that you do not involve yourself into a wrong decision. 

Do you also love to buy small items through online websites? Are you looking for a good website that sells beautiful printed IDs and cardholders like passports and other Identification Cards? So today we are undergoing an in-depth review about that is originated in the United States.

What if the website is scamming people or you didn’t get your order or got a cheap quality product from this website? So stay on this page to know every detail about Kickmee Reviews.

What is is an e-commerce store that tends to sell printed covers and holders for cards and Identification Cards at very affordable prices that comes with good quality material. The domain for this website was created on 20 April 2021 so this website is approximately a 55 days website till now. This website has provided its customers with a 30 days return policy. This website has provided Facebook, Instagram, and youtube icons but none of them opens which makes us doubtful on this website’s legitimacy. Continue to read the below article to know about Is Kickmee Legit.

Website’s specifications:

The URL for this website is:

  • An online store that sells holders and covers for cards and Identity Cards
  • we cannot get any details related to shipping charges on the official website.
  • The estimated delivery time is from 5 to 15 days.
  • The processing time estimated is 1 to 7 days
  • we cannot fetch any details for order cancellation on the website.
  • The Domain of this website was created 55 days ago.
  • The return address provided by the company is: 42 Reads Way, New Castle, DE 19729, US
  • The mail address provided by the company is:

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Want to get further details related to Is Kickmee Legit?

Pros of using

  • You can get amazing deals on printed holders and covers for Cards and Identification Cards.
  • you can get these products at amazing discounts.
  • A 30 days return policy is provided by the company.

Cons of using

  • This website was created only 55 days ago.
  • The owner of this website has hidden his details
  • This website got only a 43% trust score on a trusted site.
  • This website has provided false icons of Facebook, Instagram, and youtube that do not open at all
  • we tried to get reviews by previous customers about this website but there were no Kickmee Reviews on the internet

Is the website legitimate?

People shop from a website expecting to get 100% quality products at affordable prices by the company and value their money. But as these new websites are emerging day by day more and more cases are coming related to people getting scammed by these new websites. So here we have provided some details about this website below:

  • Age of the website: The domain of this website was created appropriately 55 days from now.
  • presence on social media: This website has falsely provided icons of youtube, Facebook, and Instagram that do not open.
  • Customer Reviews: There were no reviews that could be found related to Kickmee Reviews.
  • Trust Score: This website managed to get only a 43% trust score 
  • Return policy: This website offers a 30-day replacement policy occurs. However no details are mentioned related to order cancellation on the website.
  • Owner information: owner of the company has not given any details which is also not a good sign.

So as we read the above points we concluded that we cannot call this website legit or a scam as this website is only 2 months old and does not have any reviews. So we recommend you not to use the website.

What are the Kickmee Reviews provided by the previous customers?

The product quality and further details like the legitimacy of a website can be fetched by looking at the feedbacks and customer reviews of the previous customers and can make it a lot easier to decide on a website based on these details but after searching for a while the customer reviews on the internet. We could not manage to get any review on this website. So you can use other trusted alternative websites to make a safe purchase without getting into a scam.


so after providing you with this article we hope we made you clear with your doubt related to Kickmee Reviews.

Do you prefer for shopping through a real story or a virtual Store? Do comment!  If you made any past purchases from this website and you are looking for refund because of a fraud that took place by your credit card, read this.

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