Kichidare Reviews (Nov 2021) Is This Legit Online Site?

Kichidare Online Website Reviews

This article holds honest Kichidare Reviews about the website that offers candles.

Do you like candles? If yes, then you must check out this review post.

Candles are the most calming and soothing source of artificial light, and they can also set the warm, calm and soft ambiance. So, if you are looking for decorative, scented candles to set a cozy ambiance at your place, then you must learn about the Kichidare store. The website has been gaining curiosity throughout the United States and several other parts of the world for its exclusive collection of candles.

Let’s find out what more the store is offering and its legitimacy in these Kichidare Reviews.

What is Kichidare?

Kichidare is an international online website that trades in decorative scented candles. The candles have gained appreciation worldwide, including in the United States. Moreover, you will find different sets of natural waxed candles on the e-store. 

Moreover, under the product description section of the website, it has revealed that each candle is made using natural wax of plants to avoid any toxic germs and smells. 

These delicately scented candles are available at affordable prices at this Kichidare store. However, under the “Our candles” heading, we have found dozens of products such as games, shoes, gaming accessories, etc. Each product takes you to a different site, which is a red flag. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to check out Is Kichidare Legit or not.

What are the T&C’s of Kichidare?

  • Site’s homepage link-
  • Domain creation date – 05/09/2016
  • Products- candles, shoes, accessories and games, etc
  • Transportation period- about 8-12 business days 
  • Shipping fee-free delivery in normal conditions 
  • Purchase return- under 30 business days 
  • Refund period- not mentioned 
  • Payment options-American Express, VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, DISCOVER, and Diners club
  • Newsletter- provided 
  • Social media links- unavailable 
  • Email address-
  • Contact number- +1 202-990-7031
  • Company address- Kichidare LLC 9169 W State #4000 Garden City, ID 83714

It is highly requested to go through these Kichidare Reviews to find out the actual goals of the website.

List of positive factors of ordering from Kichidare

  • The site holds complete details of its whereabouts. 
  • It holds well-descriptive items. 
  • It has mentioned its policies and also does not charge any shipping costs.

List of negative factors of ordering from Kichidare

  • The website holds misleading links on it and there are no products available under them.
  • It does not hold any shopper’s remarks on it.
  • It does not exist on any social media platforms.
  • The site’s user interface is ineffectively planned. 

Is Kichidare Legit?

According to the above information, the website is red-flagged as it holds misleading links on it. Thus, we have summed up some useful parameters to help readers in analyzing the website’s credibility. So, if you are having doubts in your mind about this Kichidare store, then read below.

Here we have mentioned the criteria that will help you in your further analysis.

  • Domain registration date- the site’s domain creation date is 05/09/2016.
  • Domain expiration date- the site’s domain name will expire on 05/09/2022.
  • Shopper’s remarks- there are no customer’s Kichidare Reviews uploaded on the official site. 
  • Social media links- the website does not hold any social media links on it.
  • Content quality- the available content holds useful information, but it appears to be copied.  
  • Address originality- the company address is not verified. 
  • Unrealistic offers- the website is offering its items at a discount as well as at low prices. 
  • Alexa rank- There are no reports found related to the Alexa rank. 
  • Trust score- the site has earned a below-average trust score that is 40%.
  • Trust rank- the website’s trust rank is above average that is 75.4%.

What are the shoppers’ Kichidare Reviews?

In the expert’s investigation, it is found that the official website lacks to provide customer reviews. Similarly, there are no remarks posted on any external links and feedback portals. Thus, it clarified that the website had not gained any feedbacks from its shoppers, which is another red flag.

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In case if you are also fascinated with the candle collection of Kichidare, then it is recommended to drop the idea of shopping from this e-store.

In elaboration, the website seems to be questionable to us due to all the above justifications and in the absence of the users’ reviews even after its long creation. It’s better to research well if you still have some doubts.

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What are your views about this candle store? Kindly tell us about your thoughts on these Kichidare Reviews.

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