Kenwebs Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Kenwebs Online Website Reviews

This article contains legit Kenwebs Reviews about the website that sells clothing, apparel and heels.

Are you also got bored with your old clothing and looking for some fresh and trendy fashion items? If so, then we are welcoming you to this post.

Every day the new fashion trend comes into the market and to keep up with it we are required to collect some fashion knowledge. But, not anymore as Kenwebs is the international fashion site claiming to offer the latest fashion items. 

However, in the United States audience is incredibly excited to learn about the store’s reality and if you’re also interested, then keep reading these Kenwebs Reviews.

What is Kenwebs?

Kenwebs is an online fashion store that offers trendy clothing. On the website, you can also get similar outfits that popular celebrity has worn in any public event. However, the store not only holds the women’s dress but also has elegant heels on it. Besides that, the available collection includes tops, swimwear, dresses, pants, bottoms, skirts, etc.

Additionally, the products are available at a discount, and the site also provides some additional benefits such as “sign up and get more discount on the first order,” etc. 

In contrast, as per our investigation, the discount offers, trendy clothing, and celebrity outfits are seem more like a strategy to attract the crowd. Moreover, we can’t entirely believe it as the website is recently established and people from many countries are also searching Is Kenwebs Legit or a fraud store.

What are the terms of Kenwebs?

  • Website visiting links-
  • Newsletter- specified 
  • Social media connections- found 
  • Products- women’s clothing and footwear 
  • Domain registration date- 25/10/2021
  • Estimated delivery charges- no charges mentioned 
  • Shipping period- not specified 
  • Order refund validity- within 7-10 working days 
  • Return policy- 7 days 
  • Payment options- VISA, Paypal, Mastercard, American Express, and DISCOVER
  • Email address-
  • Contact number- not specified 
  • Company location- not mentioned 

If you are investigating from your end about this website, then please consider reading these Kenwebs Reviews.

What are the advantages of shopping from this webpage?

  • The store is HTTPS safe, and it also has a verified mailing server.
  • Customers can enjoy many discount offers.
  • It claims to offer celebrities outfits.
  • The website contains positive customer reviews. 
  • The site delivers throughout the United States and several other locations. 

What are the disadvantages of shopping from this webpage?

  • The site lacks to provide relevant details.
  • The location and office address are also missing from the webpage.
  • The site holds misleading social media links.

Is Kenwebs Legit?

It is important to go through all the details before ordering from any unpopular webpage, as you never know about the site’s actual motives. To help you out in evaluating the same, we have introduced some legitimacy verification criteria. Read below to find out.

  • Domain verification date- the domain of the website was registered a month ago is on 25/10/2021.  
  • Address originality- the website has failed to provide useful information like contact details, site policies, etc. 
  • Social media links- The mentioned links are not working as it leads you to the main page of the particular social handle. 
  • Customer remarks- The customers’ Kenwebs Reviews are published under products on the website. 
  • Alexa rank- no results available 
  • Trust score- the site has earned a poor marking that is 1%.
  • Trust rank- The rank is also low that is 38.7/100.
  • Content quality- We cannot consider the available content original as the same content we have found on multiple sites. 
  • Discount offers- The site offers several money-saving opportunities for shoppers.
  • Domain expiration date- the e-store’s domain will expire on 25/10/2022.

What are the customers’ Kenwebs Reviews?

After hours of research, we have found information for this section. However, on the Kenwebs store, there are positive feedbacks available under some of its items. While from the internet and social media, we failed to obtain anything useful.

Thus, the website has not received any feedback from its customers yet. Moreover, find here, what to do if the money is lost via PayPal on any online store?

The Final Verdict

Indeed, the website holds an impressive collection of fashion items on it. But still, we incredibly recommend you avoid shopping from this website as this e-store has gained many red flags. 

In hindsight, we would like to say in these Kenwebs Reviews, it is better to scrutinize everything from your end to avoid any misunderstanding. Also, read here about how to get a claim for the lost money via credit card?

Do you want to share your thoughts? Kindly mention it below in these reviews.

11 thoughts on “Kenwebs Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

  1. Dear Kenwebs,
    I ordered two 50 inch TVs on November 26, 2021 (Black Friday) but I do not receive any email for confirmation until now.
    I tried several times to find your phone number to call you but I failed.
    How can I contact with you for my items?
    When will they arrive?

    My address is 7807 Hiawatha Dr Houston, TX 77036.
    My phone number is 8324333310
    My email address is chontran2004@yahoo. or
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards,
    Chon Tran

  2. Yeah… good luck with your TVs, Chon.
    I also ordered two items and finally got a shipping confirmation with NO shipping info.
    Oh yeah and today the web site appears to be gone.
    Hello, PayPal? I’d like a refund…..

    1. Hello Scott, oh so disappointing. Such portals are just earning money and they disappear. They do not even think of the valuable customers. All be aware and stay away from such portals. Kindly check the genuine portals. It may take time to get known portals, but at least you will be sure to get a quality product. Be careful. Take care.

  3. I ordered a griddle and it was 118.00 dollars,never will order on line again, I send messages and they come up not found,they sure found my money,stay away from online ordering is my advise

    1. Hello Roberta Phillips, such disappointing. Sorry to hear. It’s good you check with familiar portals and then deal. Nowadays, such scams are taking place and the buyers are losing money. You can check with payment company. Be aware. Take care.

      1. I ordered a generator.. I tried contacting sellers and NOTHING, I have Paypal reaptedly for a refund and NO ONE contacts me back!! My order was at on November 26 and nothing at all. How do I get money back if neither seller or PayPal responds!!!

  4. To everyone above. I also fell for the too good to be true price on an AVR Hometheater Receiver. I paid with PayPal and did not get a tracking number when the item was stated as being shipped. Invoice was vague. Had the price for 1 item, no description of what it was, then a 30$ added charge, no description as to if it was for shipping, taxes, or anything. After several days I contacted PayPal and put in a dispute, stating that I did not receive the item. They said they would contact the seller since the website was gone and I couldn’t contact them. I finally got a response from PayPal several days later stating that there now was a tracking number and that the seller offered me a 1.00$ refund and if I accepted it the case would be closed. I used the tracking number given, it was from the USPS and it stated that the package was delivered 2 days prior to getting the tracking number from PayPal. Luckily I have Ring security cameras and doorbell with history. I reviewed the history of the day and time stated on the tracking number saying that the package was delivered and there was no activity. No mail person, no truck or van. I contacted the local post office and they took the information and told me that the tracking number was for a different address in my city. I contacted PayPal by phone and submitted all the information on the website, and the person I talked to named Chris took care of me immediately. The post office told me that the scammers are using several tracking numbers for fake deliveries. Yes it is in my city, but to a different address. Sneaky little *&^%$%^#. PayPal closed my case and found in my favor, and issued me a full refund. They are also watching Kenweb and going after them. They will be dropped from PayPal and no longer be able to use them for payment services. I hope this helps all and go after the information, and get the credit card companies to refund your money. They can track this POS down and shut them down.

    1. Hello Bob, Thanks for the valuable information. We can see how much time you have put to draft the detailed message. It is good you received a full refund. We feel sad and nervous about how they cheat the buyers. They must be caught and proper action must be taken against them. It is highly advisable to check the portal details twice and make sure you get the genuine one. Nowadays, scammers are smart and they make fraud anyhow earn money easily. So, buyers, stay away and be aware. Let us know if you find any information. Take care. Thanks.

    1. Hello Kali, Thanks for the information. What happened? Did you receive the order or not? Buyers as suggested stay away from them. Please let us know if you receive your money back. It will help buyers to make a decision. Be alert. Thanks. Take care.

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