Ken Screven Obituary {May} Journalist Against Racism!

The article discusses the recent demise of famous journalist Ken and tries to briefly discuss Ken Screven Obituary.

Do you know famous journalist Ken Screven? Ken was one of the noted news reporters, presentations, and anchors. On 18 May, Ken died of many health issues. Ken has been suffering and struggling with these problems for the last few days. But at the age of seventy-one, he died. 

After Ken’s death, many of his old colleagues and peers in the United States stated their condolences to the old folks. Many also search Ken Screven Obituary on social media platforms. 

The Obituary of a Fighter Journalist

Many of Ken’s old folks tagged him as a fighter in this trade. Ken was famous for many reasons first, his political arguments; secondly, his style of news presentation and his voices. But most people knew him for his sarcasm and high volume laugh. 

Many of his old peers still remember Ken’s fight against racism. Even though they recalled Ken faced the situation many times, he dealt with it in a very professional manner. The audience liked Ken’s style of journalism.  

Ken Screven Obituary

Ken started his career as a news reporter in this trade. Later Ken worked as a presenter. For WRGB/CBS6, Ken worked for many years. Ken fought many social problems with his non-negotiable journalism. Ken became one of the social activists for his community. 

Ken was awarded the “Hero Award Honoree” for his fantastic career in 2020. The Albany Damien Center has given his award for Ken’s incredible journalist career and social work for his community. As a journalist, Ken started his career in the seventies era and took retirement from the job in 2011. Ken was also famous on social media platforms for his comment.

Ken Screven Obituary– The Aftermath

Ken’s family has posted his death confirmation on social media platforms. After the death of Ken, many of his old associates pay gratitude and condolences to this veteran journalist. One of Screven’s close associates, Benita Zahn, wrote- Ken was a fearless journalist in this profession. Ken has a loud voice and has always fought against social injustice. 

As a journalist, Ken also worked to spread social awareness against HIV and Aids. Ken even presented many news documentaries and news reports on the matter for a decade. The Mayor of Albany also shared his deep gratitude to the senior journalist and put input on Ken Screven Obituary

Why is the News Trending? 

Ken Screven was not only a reporter or journalist. Ken became a voice against social injustice, racism and community education and awareness. Ken was a reporter turned social activist by his news presentation. 

Many media houses have shown respect for Ken’s endless fight and journalistic views. 


For the last few years, Ken has been active on social media. And Ken discussed, wrote and commented on many social issues via his social media post. A lot of people follow him and enjoy his news angle. Many also pay respect to Ken Screven Obituary

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