[Uncensored] Kelsey Dabb Fanbus: Were Her and Dabb Foto Leaked From Fanbus?

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This article discusses the Kelsey Dabb Fanbus and Dabb Fanbus leaked video along with its availability information.

Are you aware of the current leaked video of Kelsey and Dabb? Do you know why this video is trending across the United States, Canada, and other countries over the internet? Currently, this is one of the most popular topics among internet users due to the sensational content. However, many users are curious enough to know the inside story behind this trending topic.

To make our users aware of the complete story of this current trending topic, here in this post, we have discussed everything about Kelsey Dabb Fanbus. Therefore, read the Kelsey Dabb Fanbus post till the end to know every detail associated with this topic.

Disclaimer- All the information in this post is derived from the internet, thus we are not responsible for any fake information. However, this post is for educational purposes only. 

What is in the Kelsey Dabb Fanbus?  

Recently a video has been circulating over the internet in which Kelsey and Dabb were featured. Dabb is a well-known comedian who is known for his comedy skills while Kelsey is known for influencing the audience with her beauty and makeup tips. Once Kelsey expressed her desire to meet the popular comedian Dabb as she had a crush on him. Therefore, the Fan Bus platform organized a Dabb and Kelsey meeting.

Since then, people are curiously looking for Kelsey Lawrence Fanbus over the internet to know details of their meetings. The Fan Bus platform captured the video of Kelsey and Dabb. Soon after their meeting, the video went viral as when Kelsey saw the Dabb for the first time was worth watching. 

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Is the video available on the internet?

The video makes people joyful because Kelsey’s reaction while meeting Dabb for the first time is notable. So, yes this video is available on various social media platforms including Telegram, TikTok, Twitter, and YT channels. In the post below we have shared the social media links where you can watch this video and know the further details about Kelsey and Dabb Leaked video.

Personal details about Kelsey and Dabb

Dabb Gasm is a popular comedian with approx. 82k followers on his IG account and almost 177 posts on his Instagram profile. Kelsey Lawrence is a well-known makeup artist who influences people with her makeup and beauty tips. She is 3 feet and 10 inches. Currently, has 24 posts on her Instagram with 154k followers on her IG account.

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What is a Fan Bus?

The sources suggest that the Fan Bus is a unique platform that enables people to meet with the desired new people. The platform enables people to express their desires to meet the people they want to meet with destination. Thus, the platform has organized the Kelsey meeting with Dabb as once she expressed her desire to Dabb.

Since they met Kelsey Lawrence Dabb Fanbus leaked video as people are curious to know the details of the meetings. However, they also want to know what happened in the meeting therefore people are widely searching for Dabb and Kelsey’s video. There are many other celebrities whose video has been posted on social media or any other platform if you are interested in watching these video check out the social media links given below.

Social Media Links-

Kelsey Lawrence: Kelsey Lawrence💕 (@kelss.af) • Instagram photos and videos

Dabb: Quartavius pate (@dabb.gasmmm) • Instagram photos and videos


Dabb and Kelsey’s video is currently trending on the internet because the Fan Bus platform has organized a meeting for them. Their meeting video was posted on social media so, everyone was curious to watch their meeting

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