Kelly Curtis Parents (Feb 2022) Know About Her Family!

The post talks about Kelly Curtis Parents and elaborates on why she is in the news.

The winter Olympics has kept all viewers glued to their television screens. The games held in Beijing, China, have participants from across the globe. While every game has garnered viewers’ attention, one of the games that have gained special attention in the winter Olympics is the skeleton race.

As per sources, the adrenaline rushing game was participated by Kelly Curtis from the United States. With the news declared, the internet is thronged by fans to know more about Kelly Curtis. Thus, we bring you complete information about Kelly Curtis Parents and her life.

What is Skeleton Race?

The winter Olympics is held in Beijing in China. Thus, before we elaborate on Kelly Curtis, let us look at Skeleton Competition. Skeleton can be defined as a winter sliding sport, an adrenaline-rushing sport.

In this game, the person rides on a small sledge called skeleton bobsled. Then, the racer slides down on a skeleton bobsled lying face down with head first.

We will detail more about Kelly Curtis Olympics and other information about the participants in the coming sections.

More Information About Kelly Curtis

  • Kelly Curtis raced on a frozen track at a speed of more than 80 mph.
  • She is one of the three Americans from the United States to compete for the medal, with Kelly Curtis being one of them.
  • Besides, she created history as the first black athlete representing the US in the Olympics game.
  • Furthermore, she went on to compete with other participants on 10 February 2022.

Who is Kelly Curtis Parents?

Kelly Curtis participated the skeleton competition at the Winter Olympics. Besides, she also became one of the first American and black athletes to have represented the Olympics from the U.S. Furthermore, the 33-year athlete is also a member of the Air Force in the U.S. to represent in the winter games.

As per sources, Kelly Curtis grew up in a family of athletes in New Jersey. Her mother was part of the local fitness community. On the other hand, her father played formerly for the NFL. Besides, even her siblings were active sports players more on Kelly Curtis Olympics.

She credits her family and Jeff Milliron, her husband, to support and coach her to participate in the winter games.

Final Conclusion

As per sources, Kelly Curtis relied on the athlete development programs and grants for training to get close to her dream of participating in the skeleton competition. Besides, in 2020, she got a chance to enter the world circuit of Skeleton in Europe.

After winning the game, she has become the first woman from her community in the US to represent at the Olympic game.

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