Kelly Bates Wjar {Sep 2021} To Know Her Latest Fact!

In the above article, we discussed a Weather forecast anchor. Tried to find out the reason she left the news channel. Read the article to know about Kelly Bates Wjar

Have you ever heard of Kelly Bates? Do you know who Kelly is? Does journalism interest you? Do you know what meteorologists do? Who makes weather forecasts? If you are curious to know, continue with us.

Kelly Bates is a meteorologist who does weather forecasting at NBC 10 News. She is now no longer part of NBC 10 news. People in the United States wonder why Kelly Bates Wjar is no longer a part of the weather forecasting team at NBC 10 News.

Who is Kelly Bates?

Bates was born and brought up in America. She is a meteorologist by profession. Kelly was the anchor of Morning weather talent WJAR at NBC 10. She has worked with NBC since August 2004. Bates was one of the anchors of the Morning Weather forecast shows.

 Kelly has a degree in Communications and Meteorology. She attended Lyndon State College. Her marital status is unknown. She was the person responsible for most of the tasks at WJAR. She also represented WJAR publically. People wonder what roles Kelly Bates Wjar had at NBC 10. She is also self-employed at The Bates Group at the designation of President Marketing Promotion.

What is WJAR?

WJAR is a virtual weather forecast channel. It broadcasts on the News channel NBC 10. WJAR provides the weather forecast. It is a morning show. Its studio is located in Cranston, Rhode Island. WJAR was first aired on July 10th 1949. WJAR had aired with four different channels throughout these years. But NBC was always the primary channel.

 WJAR radio is also affiliated with NBC. At WJAR, they have a team of people who works diligently to present appropriate weather forecasts every morning. This channel has been continuously running for over seven decades now.

Kelly Bates Wjar and details

The proper reason why Kelly Bates left WJAR is unknown. She announced on her social media that she is no more part of WJCR NBC 10 News. In 2011 NBC had demoted Kelly from the morning show. She joined WJAR on 10th August 2004.

 Kelly has worked at NBC WJAR morning weather forecast show for over a decade. There are no clarifications from any parties; as per reports, the WJAR NBC channel has removed Kelly’s profile from their concerned websites. She announced this news on Tuesday morning. To know more details and facts, please continue reading the article Kelly Bates Wjar.

For the past 16 years, Kelly has played many essential roles for NBC 10. She was the person in charge of all the Communication-related morning weather forecasts. Bates was the person to provide live of field reports. She was also the data interpreter of weather forecasting.


Being worked as the anchor for so many years, people in the United States are familiar with Kelly’s face. She is almost a celebrity. People are speculating different things. But all these are mere guesses; nobody knows why she left WJAR NBC 10. To know more about Kelly, click on the link.

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