Kebunpedia Scam (Jan 2022) Check All The Aspects Here!

The guide shares details about and lets people know if there is any Kebunpedia Scam. has been in the news these days, especially after a few people in the United States questioned about the portal. After reviewing several messages from the website, they took the discussion forum to know if the website legit or a new online scam.

Based on the reports from recipients, the website is alleged to send text messages from random email IDs, and text messages make no sense to them. Since they are not directly or indirectly linked to the website, they want to know if Kebunpedia Scam or legit.   

What is is the leading gardening and planting forum in Indonesia, and it is the forum where people visit to discuss different tips on gardening and planting. The discussion forum shares some exclusive tips for novice and veteran gardeners.

Apart from discussions, the website also has an online marketplace to find different gardening tools, seeds, and more. However, the forum has been in the news after people in the United States started receiving random text messages from the portal.    

The recipients of these messages took the discussion forum to discuss the matter and shared some details about the text message they received.

Is Kebunpedia Scam or Legit?

After evaluating, we found that is a discussion forum for gardening and plants. It has not been associated with any scams or fraudulent activities. Besides, many other facts are worth mentioning to help people know whether it is worthy or a scam.

  • The domain was registered on 19th April 2015, and it is a six-year-old portal. 
  • The domain will expire on 19/04/2022.
  • The website has secured a good trust score of 93%, indicating that the website boasts low risk for users. 
  • The portal is active on social media platforms, and they also got a few comments from the users. 
  • No people reported any Kebunpedia Scam on social media and the internet. 
  • We found no reviews from users over the internet other than the comments and discussions on the forum.  

After considering all these factors, we can’t say the website completely is a scam. But, if you want to participate in the discussions, ensure to research properly.

What are the Reactions of Message Recipients?

When evaluating the text messages over the internet, we found a few discussions. But, it doesn’t confirm anything about Kebunpedia Scam. Recipients only said that they have been receiving text messages from a random email that claims to be from 

Others commented on continuing the thread and urged ignoring and blocking the email as it is nothing but a foreign website. However, it is not yet proven that it is related to any scam. So, we can’t confirm whether the text messages are a scam.

Conclusion is an online discussion forum for plants and gardening. But, some people are getting text messages from random emails that claim to be from However, no recipient has reported any Kebunpedia Scam. Besides, the discussion forum is active on social media without any reviews or feedbacks.

You can check the discussion thread online to learn more. It will help if you stay alert with the tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.

Have you received any text messages from Please, share how you reported it in the comment section.

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